Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Out My Backdoor

Most evenings Chuck and I slip out the backdoor for some fresh air once Megan is in bed. Last night when I went out it was still to hot for the back porch so I headed for the swing set. I sat on the swing and this was my view. 
The picture doesn't do it justice. The sky was full of the most beautiful shades pink, white, gray and blue. Seeing God's beauty always makes me pause and sigh with contentment. 

As we were chatting I looked down and saw this. 
I couldn't believe my eyes! I can't believe the leaves are changing color already. I don't usually see this until September. Makes me wonder if we will see an early fall. Nothing would surprise me as the weather has been different this year. The summer mornings have had tons of dew and many mornings with light fog. Not our typical summer morning. We are still in what are called the dog days of summer with hot and humid days. Did I mention humid?  

Seeing this has motivated me to make my fall cleaning list. I think I will start it next week so when the humidity lifts I can concentrate on outside chores. I am an outside girl so this humid weather is causing me to be indoors to much!

Fall is coming, but I don't want it to come too quickly. As ready as I am for the humidity to wain I want to enjoy each and every day left of summer! 

Anyone else seeing signs of fall? 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. I've been noticing the same thing with the leaves here also. We went camping this past weekend and one of the nights we were down into the mid 40's. Brrrr..... I love Fall but I really want my tomatoes to have a chance to put out lots of fruit and the cucumbers too. ;)

  2. I noticed the same thing here with some of our leaves changing and falling to the ground already! Too soon!! Have a wonderful evening


  3. Our weather is just like yours, yes we are seeing leaves turning on the smaller trees. We are having the heavy due as well each morning. Never know it could come early. Your post is making me want to decorate for fall.

  4. oops sorry, I meant DEW not due...LOL

  5. In our area of northeast Texas, fall doesn't usually arrive until mid to late October. We had a few mornings last week that were crisp and I was shocked. I suspect you may be right! It feels like an early fall is coming!


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