Sunday, August 07, 2016

My Weekend

One of the things I love about weekends is the slower pace and of course having my family home with me. Saturday started with a nice breakfast.
Although we are headed right back into hot and humid days we did get a break this weekend. 
It was wonderful to step out into the cooler morning and soak in some sunshine. 
I took advantage of it to hang out a load of laundry. When it is super humid it takes a long time for the clothing to dry if at all. 
I took the time to shred and put some zucchini into the freezer. This will be used for bread, muffins, coffee cake and don't tell my family but it might end up a pot of veggie soup. 
Not everything this weekend was positive. My van would not start with the key. It would start with the remote start, but would not move from park. Chuck tried many things and sadly it had to be towed to the dealer. 
We are praying it is a quick and inexpensive fix. 

There were also birthdays to celebrate this weekend. My niece, Katie, turned 21! We went out for a big family dinner. 
One of boys I used to babysit turned 7!  
Sunday afternoon we went to visit Chuck's grandmother. 
We took over some garden goodies to share. 
Chuck has an aunt that never married. She lived on her own out of state for most of her adult life. She retired and moved back in with her mom about three years ago. It was an answered prayer as Grandma has had some issues with her balance and was going to need some help. She gets along well for 88 years young.

While there Chuck trimmed some tree branches that were hanging over the sidewalk and Grandma and Aunt Brenda showed me their embroidery.  Oh my! They do beautiful work. 
The block above is will be added to her growing stack to be made into a quilt. 
They found some iron on transfer books at a thrift store for $0.25 and purchased the entire stack. I looked through them and brought a few home with me. I am going to try my hand at making a fall themed table runner. 

It was a lovely visit and there is so much wisdom and knowledge to be learned from older generations if you listen and ask the right questions. 

We came home and sat out enjoying the beauty of the day before making a simple meal. Chuck has a catered lunch at work tomorrow so this is no need for leftovers for his lunch. We enjoyed a meal of bacon, eggs and pancakes. 
The kitchen is tidy from dinner and ready to start the week.
Chuck has his bag laying over the chair and his items on the table (umbrella, keys, wallet, work badge etc), Megan's breakfast dish and vitamins are set out for her (Chuck takes something to eat at work since he leaves early and isn't ready to eat yet). Lunches, breakfasts, snacks, water bottles and such are in the refrigerator. Tomorrow Megan is taking a leftover casserole for lunch so her thermos is out on the counter for tomorrow.

Megan is fresh from her shower. She laid her clothes out for tomorrow morning and joined us for our evening Bible time. 
As I type this, evening is settling in. Megan is in bed reading for a few minutes longer. Chuck is watching some of the Olympics and I am getting ready to catch up on a few blogs and then retire for the night. 

I am grateful for a weekend that was full of wonderful things. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. I just love how you share you day...lovely post.

  2. A very busy weekend!


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