Monday, August 15, 2016

Bake Sale

Remember those cupcakes I showed you last week? Well, it is okay if you don't since I will show you again.
I made them for a bake sale. Each Wednesday Megan's school has a fundraiser call Bakery Day. Parents send in  24 treats and they sell them after lunch to raise money. One of the joys of private school is they are always trying to raise money.  :) Anyway, I am on the schedule for twice this month. 

I thought I would show you a new way to use a piping bag. First you lay out a piece of plastic wrap and plop your frosting in the middle. 
Wrap it up to form a log of sorts. 
This is probably the most important step. Wrap it in plastic wrap again. I will show you why it is important in a minute. ;)
Now you pick up the ends and lightly twist. When you are done it should look like this.
I practiced doing this the weekend before and had a slight mishap.
Oh yes, this happened! While twisting the frosting came out. Like an explosion! Not only was it on me, but also the table, floor and Megan's favorite dinosaur. Yes, I am laughing. Really, what else can you do! That is the reason you wrap it twice. ;)

Now you feed one of the twisted ends through your piping bag. 
Pull it until you see the frosting and then cut the excess plastic wrap off. 
When you are finished or need to change colors you simply use the top twist and pull it out. 
You can go here for better instructions. I sometimes get tired of clicking to do somewhere else to find out information so I showed you how I did it. 

I sprinked jimmies on the top and then was ready to wrap them. 
 I usually put them in cookie bags and tie them off with some ribbon and a spoon. 
These are a little time consuming so I generally only make them twice. One Bakery Day and then again for the bake sale after the Christmas program. The rest of the time it they get cookies. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Those looks so cute all wrapped up! Neat way to make your own frosting bag too.

  2. They are cute as can be and I'm sure were popular with the students.
    Hope your shirt washed clean.

    My daughter went to a small country high school. She needed to raise a lot of money for a school trip to Chicago. I made homemade suckers that sold like crazy - we used Wilton molds and flavoring with sticks and bags and lots of sugar. Someone gave me the molds and suggested we do it but I never imagined they would be such a money maker.

  3. Oh great idea and I had to laugh about the uh oh... Those do happen in the kitchen! Great post. Made me smile!

  4. What a great tip for the frosting! Those came out beautifully. :) I giggled too at your picture of the big explosion of frosting...that is something that I know would happen to me too and I'd have the dog and cat right up on my trying to "help" clean it up. ;)

  5. Such pretty cupcakes! Great idea for the frosting bag!


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