Monday, August 01, 2016

August? Really?

I can not believe that it is August! I am left wondering where the time has gone. August means a return to routine around here. Megan went back to school last Thursday.
Fifth grade! She returned to her small, Christian school and has the same teacher she had in third grade. She is a great teacher!

A new month means it is time to get things together.
Shopping for the month is almost complete. I will go out tomorrow to finish up. There were a few things the store was out of so I will go to another one. Now, don't judge the list! I keep a well stocked pantry so my shopping trips never look normal. 

The monthly menu is also made. 
I picked off the items for this weeks menu. I noticed that I am heavy on green beans as a side dish this week. I must have had a taste for them when I made the master menu.
Not to worry as I have a variety of veggies from the garden and in the pantry so I can mix and match. 

The monthy budget is complete. We are still using Every Dollar and it is working well for us. 
Summer caused us to loosen the financial reins. We will be tightening up the budget so we can continue to tackle what feels like never ending medical debt. I keep reminding myself we will get there. 

The garden is still producing well. I need to pick green beans again and am picking tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini almost daily. 
It is once again hot and the rains have slowed down so we have started to water.
I packed up some empty jars to take over to my moms (for putting up tomatoes). If I think about all of the jars representing canned goods I would have purchased at the store this past year it makes it all worth it. Plus it just taste better!

I hope to get some projects complete. Some thirft side table need to be painted for my niece. 
The storage in the garage also needs finished. The last shelf is in the works. 
I am beyond ready to see things neat and organized in here. 

Ready or not August is here. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Good morning, I have lots to do after having busy grandchildren for almost a week and then husband was sidelined with dental surgery.
    But I've got a list and am working on it.
    Hope we both have productive weeks!

    We've got a about 2 1/2 weeks until schools start here. All the school age grands are looking forward to it.

  2. Busy summer, you are having! I can't believe that Megan is back to school already! Wow, that seems so early!

  3. I am going to have to try the Every Dollar! Summer blows my budget every year, although I put some money out of every paycheck into an envelope marked "Summer" so that we have some fun money that I can spend guilt-free. I don't get a paycheck in the summer, so this is vital! The envelope is almost empty now. I also save any restaurant or entertainment gift cards I get as gifts for the summer, which helps, too. I had a couple of Target gift cards that were gifts from students that pretty much covered all of Jonathan's school supplies. I love your posts and admire the way you run your home, I can really learn a lot from you! You always inspire me.

  4. Great photos, Megan looks excited about going to school. We start next Monday.

  5. School really cuts into summer early these days it seems to me. The kids around here start on August 15. Megan looks so grown up and all ready for school in your picture. The years they are in school fly by so fast.

    I always took pictures of our kids every first day of school in front of the front door, too. Now I take pictures of my grandson in front of the front door when he comes to visit. And I even took pictures of my son a couple of times when he was home on leave from the Air Force, in front of the front door. I like comparing the pictures through the years. The kids change so much, but the door has not.

  6. Summer has really blown our budget this year too. And I just got the electric bill and was kind of sick - it's so hot in AZ and it seems like the A/C never goes off. I can't wait until September! I love how you said not to judge your list - I keep a well stocked pantry too and understand that sometimes what you need just doesn't look right. I wonder if people look at my groceries on the belt sometimes and wonder what's going on at our house. Sometimes all I buy is meat and then I can go for a month without buying any. :)

  7. Back to school already?! Wow! She sure looks happy :-) Your garden looks great! Enjoy the rest of your week.


  8. This Summer does seem to have whizzed right on by. Megan looks happy to be going back to school already though. :)


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