Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Joy in the Ordinary

Look around, really look around and you will find joy... joy in the everyday... joy in the ordinary things.
Saturday we ended up with a beautiful day. Sunny and 70* in February!! We headed out to make the best of it.

Megan and her cousins ended up in the ravine stomping around in the muddy water.
Oh! What a mess they were! Soap and water will remove the mud, but the memories will remain. ;)
Sunday was a long day. Church, and then lunch with our pastor and a meeting. Once we were finished and retrieved Megan from my in-laws it was already dinner time. We ended up eating out with a gift card and just like that the weekend was over.

That seems to be the theme for this week... busy, busy, busy!  I spent a morning out with friends enjoying breakfast. Fun! I really need to do that more. A day out shopping with my mom and then lunch with my parents. A high school friend called and said she was in the area and stopped by for the afternoon.

The rest of the week the calendar is full so I spent some time in the kitchen this morning. Stuffed shells for tonight, dinner at Chick-fil-A tomorrow for a fundraiser and then pulled pork in the crock pot ready to be heated up for Friday. I am trying hard to prevent us from grabbing something on these busy days.
All this week has been spirit week at school. Each day has a different theme. Megan came out after bed last night and reminded me that today was Disney day. Bad mom moment as I knew about this, but forgot. Oops! I got creative and this is what I came up with. Nothing like a little late night crafting!
Saying "cheese" with my favorite guy!
I am sad to say my tulilps are gone. They sure were beautiful while they lasted.
I received some fun mail. I haven't participated in a swap in a long time. Thanks Chrissy for the book!
As most of you know I am a homebody! I also like things to be slow and simple.  Whew! It has been anything but that for the last week or so. I am looking forward to the weekend. We have nothing planned once school ends Friday and I am delighted. I won't be posting anymore this week. I am going to catch up on some housework and do some planning for the coming month. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. It was a good kind of busy ~ visiting family and friends, going to church, fun day on Saturday and a sweet gift from a friend. Enjoy the rest of the week my friend. Love this post.

  2. Sounds busy. What a good idea planning some meals to prevent the drive thru run. I love stuffed pasta shells and pulled pork. Yummy. Have an excellent week ahead.

  3. Hello there! Sounds like a good kind of busy to me! Fun in the winter sun is a must in my book and the kids looked like they had a blast! Your dinners look so yummy! I've been doing some baking this week for my mom and planned a few meals myself. I'm a homebody too, so its nice to have those meals ready when I do have to leave the homestead! Have a great weekend, Wendi!
    Hugs, Amy

  4. It was a good kind of busy wasn't it! Just love those fun outings, and I do remember my kids enjoying a good mud splash many times! Indeed memories last! Loved those pictures of your daughter and her friends enjoying the mud :) Your meal plan for the week sounds great! The book swap with Chrissy was so very much fun, and I am still enjoying my book that I got in the swap! What book did you receive? Have a blessed and wonderful day :)


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