Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Joy in the Ordinary

Look around, really look around and you will find joy... joy in the everyday... joy in the ordinary things.

What a wonderful week we had! We enjoyed a big family dinner to celebrate my sister-in-law (back left in picture in the blue scarf) flying in from Hawaii. Her boyfriend, who is Hawaiian, flew in with her. He has never seen snow and came just in time for what the news is calling an artic blast!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. It sure helps to stop and find joy in ordinary moments. I love this and I try to make this who I am and apart of my daily life. It is easy to never stop and smell the roses. :)

    Beautiful pictures.

  2. Oh she is pretty, I see you and yours also. How nice to be able to get together. Eww Hawaii why would you want to leave...folks would just have to come and see me there...He he!! Lovely post, we have the arctic blast as well we are to the South of you. Expecting snow this week also.

  3. What an odd time to leave beautiful Hawaii! There is much joy in the ordinary times,even in winter and when one has a cold!


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