Friday, September 18, 2015

Non-Frugal Week

Chuck and I are not big spenders, but last week it felt like money was pouring out. So much so that I am dreading balancing the checkbook today for our weekly budget meeting. I am scared to see how much the balance dropped!

First we had a repair on the refrigerator. Thankful for a repair and not a replacement.
Then there was an issue with the septic. Thankfully once 1,000 gallons was pumped out of it things were good. The septic is original to the house (1950) so there is always the concern that it will need to have a major repair or replacement. Also thankful for minimal digging.
I also needed to order new glasses due to a prescription change.
Too much spending in one week for this girl! One of those weeks when you think "oh my! Why does it all have to happen at once?!" Through it all God is faithful and meets our needs. Chuck received notice of a bonus last week and it was in this weeks check. It didn't cover all of our expenses, but it made a dent in it.

I did earn a little extra by selling some books.
I have a box of clothes waiting to be sold.
The grocery budget was widdled way down to $20.00.  Two stops. One at Aldi and the other at Kroger and I spent $19.72.
No worries as I have plenty of food at home. That my friends is why I keep a well stocked freezer and pantry!

It would be easy to be super discouraged by all of this as we have been making progress in our debt reduction.  Although we aren't thrilled, we give thanks that we had the funds to cover all of these expenses. In the scheme of things this is just a minor bump. Tomorrow is a new day and we will just keep moving forward.

Now I am off to take something for my sore throat and to take a deep breath and tackle the checkbook!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!  


  1. Thanks for sharing, Wendi. I totally hear you. 2015 has been a year like that for us, with large and constant expenses. It is discouraging, but like you, we're thankful for the Lord's provision, and also know things could be much worse.

  2. Things usually come in 3's don't they. You just reminded me we need our septic pumped.
    Have a wonderful weekend :).

  3. Glad you were able to fix your fridge and not have to buy a new one. I feel like money is flying out my door, also, but I can't figure out how to stop it…ugh! Right now we're helping my sister, who is having a very bad year…..needless to say we're buying her groceries and we helped her set up her apartment. I'm hoping 2016 will slow things down….LOL


  4. Weeks like this are rough, aren't they? But you did the right thing to scrimp on your grocery budget instead of having a pity party at an expensive restaurant. :)
    I just got new glasses, they are expensive, but I don't want to do without them.

    Hope next week is thriftier and less stressful and you feel better.

  5. Same for us..make a little extra and something comes up and takes it. Just thankful we had the extra when it comes up. Sometime it rains it pours. Trying to save for those rainy days. Have a blessed week

  6. It has been a hard year for many. It seems once everything is going smoothly...bam! Something's just a given. Thankfully my hubby is Mr. Fix It and I haven't had to buy any thing new in quite some time. We did however purchase fencing to fence in our 40 acres, but Praise God we had the money put back! God is our provider and we will never go without!
    I hope you have a "much less spending" kind of a week!
    Hugs, Amy

  7. When it rains it pours, right? I have to go to the eye doctor and I think my prescription will change too and I am not looking forward to that expense.


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