Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A New Season Begins

This morning I drove away from Megan's school with no little one in my backseat.
Not completely unusual as last school year I left two morning with an empty vehicle. Only to return before noon for a pick up. This year there will be no little one coming home with me during the day. The boys I watch have both entered school full time. Abe is in first grade and the decision was made for Eli to go to full day Pre-K four.

I can't say I was shocked by this decision. I did think I would have one more year of E being in half day preschool. I can see that this could be a good thing for Eli though. I will still be picking them up along with Megan for after school care.
This means a financial hit for us. We discussed me returning to work. Chuck is adamant that he doesn't want that to happen. Me being home gives him peace of mind that Megan is taken care of. He doesn't have that worry about what happens to Megan on holidays, snow days and during illness. I also don't think he minds the laundry being done and dinner on the table. ;) Honestly, home is where my heart is and I was willing to go to work for the good of my family, but my heart would not be in it. We are in the process of tightening the purse strings and tweaking our budget.
The plus side is that I will have some time to tackle a few projects. There is some painting I would like to do and our home could use a good purge and clean. I might have an as needed babysitting job for one of the teachers. What I do know is that our needs are always met and I am trusting that He will continue to meet them.

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!  


  1. My babysitting kids just entered school full time also..After having them since 6 weeks old we also feel money crunch..I miss them already, no after school care because they will stay at school for free care till there dad gets there..:(

  2. Will keep your family in my prayers. Things have a way of working themselves out and I agree about being home... things run so much smoother. My husband is the same, he always says I couldn't do what I do without you! Wishing you the best!


  3. God blesses those who stay at home and attend to it and the family. He is faithful.
    There are times in the past where I could of worked. We just tighten the belt. And hubby found a few side jobs. God has blessed us for it. Blessings Wendi


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