Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Dusk is my favorite part of the evening. I try to step outside each night and just happened to step out on what I consider a perfect evening.
It was a pleasant 72* with no humidity. Darkness was about to set in, the crickets were singing, lightening bugs filled the sky and the tree frogs were making their nighttime music.
I watched the sky darken, looked at the moon and was amazed by the beauty of God's creation.
I stepped off of the porch and gazed back at my home.
There is something comforting about looking at the warm glow coming from your home.
I cherish those simple moments of quiet.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment! 


  1. I love our daybreaks and nighttimes here; they are BEAUTIFUL! The mosquitos are horrible even after the spray truck has been through the area. There is a creek on the ranch behind us and those frogs along with all the other nighttime animal sounds are so soothing. Rt is very easy to fall asleep to their music.

  2. Lovely post, I enjoy this part of the day as well, so peaceful!


  3. Beautiful! I used to go out at sunset with my toddler boy (who now towers over me) and look at the sun setting. He would stand on a chair beside me. With our arms around each other, every night I would say, "God painted that for you!"

    One question, what is no humidity?

    I melt here in SW Missouri!

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  4. Hi Wendi what a beautiful post...love the photo's. I love my time on our front porch each morning and evening. A simple pleasure..and time to slow down. I love your warm glow from your window...lovely. We've enjoyed less humidity here in KY also.


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