Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What I've Been Doing

I have been busy cleaning.
A wonderful deep clean that includes things like washing blinds.  Oh how I have I love hate relationship with these things!
My goal is to have a wonderfully clean home in time to deck the halls.  I usually deep clean as I decorate, but I am shooting for a light dust and vacuum only this year.  As I worked in the living room I boxed up tons of toys.  I was tired of fussing with the boys to pick up.  I am going with less is more.  Guess what?  They have only asked about one toy that I packed away!
I may have scared Megan with my purging! I found this note on a stack of things in her room one morning. Ha!
While all this is going on I have been playing some music to inspire me.
While I don't want to rush through Thanksgiving I am aiming for stress free Christmas.  Are you making plans to prepare for the Christmas season?

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Hi!
    I'm doing the same to my house. Today I'm tackling the master bedroom, yesterday was the living room...
    But in the end, it's all worth it!

  2. I haven't done this yet but I plan to start soon. I don't want to decorate for Christmas without a clean house!

  3. I so need to do this, my extremely busy schedule in Oct (and so far in Nov!) has prevented a deep clean, which I desperately need to do. Even more, I need to purge! So many things I need to get rid of! I am hoping to do a little extra cleaning in the next two weeks...

  4. Thank you for the reminder to get started on deep cleaning for Christmas. Being missing you.

  5. I deep clean as I decorate - which I am in the process of now. We have such a busy next 8 weeks that I needed to start decorating this past weekend (tree went up yesterday - earliest ever!) or we wouldn't get to it until December 20. I actually wouldn't have minded that but my daughter has a big cookie decorating party and (smaller) sleepover and I wanted to have everything decorated before then. I'm sure by New Year's I'll be more than ready to put things away. :)


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