Monday, June 30, 2014

Hatteras Island

We recently spend a wonderful week in North Carolina with my parents and my sisters' family.  We stayed on Hatteras Island in the town of Avon.  We had to drive over this long bridge to cross the water and enter the island.  Megan rode in the another van with my parents and nieces.  They told Megan she had to hold her feet up every time they crossed water.  They got a huge kick out her doing that.  Silly girl!

We then drove for what seemed like forever.  On one side of the road there were dunes and every now and then you would get a peek at the ocean.

On the other side of the road is what they refer to as the sound.  It was a very pretty drive.

Finally we reached our house and it did not disappoint.  This the view from the third floor balcony. 

You looked down from the balcony and our pool was hidden behind the dunes.  

After a trip to the grocery store and dinner we spent a little time at the beach.  

The first night there it was super windy and great for flying kites.  We would barely unwind the string before it was taking off. 

Chuck is an early riser and caught some great shots of the sunrise.  Me on the other hand enjoyed the benefits of an almost risen sun from bed looking out of the sliding glass door! :)

This beach was loaded with crab.  Megan got a kick out of watching them dig their holes.  

The hit game of the week was trying to beat Grandpa at war.  

Many hours were spent enjoying the sand and the beautiful view. 

A huge thank you to Chuck for all of the driving he did.  I don't care for driving and didn't drive one time on the way down and only an hour or so on the way home.  Thanks Babe!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!

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  1. Looks like a perfect spot for a fabulous vacation. Glad you were able to make memories with your family.


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