Sunday, March 30, 2014

Frugal Five

I don't feel like I have been very frugal lately.  Money has been flying out of our hands as we purchased new furniture, took the truck in for some work and purchased summer clothing for Megan.  It has to stop!

 I am getting back at it and here are a few frugal things.

#1 I purchased Valentine's for next year for $0.30.
#2 I started to clip and print coupons again.  They aren't as great as they use to be and I have noticed that the extreme coupon shows have caused policies to change.  I was really burnt out and stopped using them, but since every penny counts so I am back to clipping.
#3 Chuck had to run to CVS and I reminded him to scan our ECB card.  A coupon printed for a free roll of paper towels. 
#4 There is an extended family vacation planned for this summer and I have been using my paperback swap credits to gather books. 
#5 I hit Target up for some sale promotions. 
They had a deal that if you purchased two packages of toilet paper you received a $5 gift card.  I used a couple of coupons and my Red Card (not a credit card, but a debit card and saved 5%) for a total of $25.86 and walked away with the gift card.  I know that for many that is more then you would pay for TP. So I will lay it out there and admit that we are toilet paper snobs. 
 I then used the gift card toward the cereal deal.  Select Kellogg's cereal were B1G1F.  The price was $2.94 each for an original total of $17.64.  From that $8.82 was taken off for the BIGIF and I used 3/$1 off 2 coupons (no longer available) making my total $5.82 then my Red Card took off $0.20.  Leaving my total due $5.53. I used the $5 gift card from the toilet paper deal and paid $0.53 for six boxes of cereal!
So there you go.  I hope this encourages you to do things to save money.  The old adage that every penny counts seems to apply more and more as I see prices of just about everything increase.  I am not sure I will have five things to post about every week as many times my frugal accomplishment is simply staying home and making do with what I have.  I find it encouraging to hear about others frugal adventures. 
May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. We got those free paper towels too!

    I haven't done much couponing in the last few years but have been pondering if I should do a little more again. It does take more time and I would have to buy newspapers for the coupons.

    I know what you mean about money flying out of your hands! I've been tracking our spending in most categories this year to see what we really spend and it has been eye opening! The first quarter was pricy. Hopefully it will average out over the year.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Wendi. I agree that many coupons aren't as *generous* as they used to be!

    I purchased valentines on clearance, too. As you said, every little time you save adds up!

  3. Good Afternoon Wendi!

    It always feels so good to save when you can. I don't do the whole couponing thing, cause I always cut them out and then forget to take them with me. And I do it every time! Too much to remember is my excuse.

    I do like to hit the sales and bargain racks and sometimes I can find some really good deals.

    I do a lot of canning and freezing and dehydrating and I'm always making dishes from scratch.

    I find if you just don't go to town, you save a lot more. (Smiles)

    I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for the reminder of being frugal! Every little bit helps.


  4. I have to go to CVS this week so I hope I can score the paper towels too.:)

    We were on a 'no spend' time for about 6 weeks and it just ended this past weekend while we were out of town so we hit Target and bought a few things I've been holding off on for the past 6 weeks. Now I feel like we've spent enough and I'm ready to tighten things up again. It's so easy to spend (for me anyway).

    I do love the Target $5 gift card deals - it usually means stocking up which is good since it keeps me out of the store for a while!

    I don't use a lot of coupons - the deals aren't what they used to be but I cut them out every week and usually use a couple each week. It all adds up!

    Thanks for sharing your accomplishments.

  5. In Canada, couponing is not nearly so lucrative. I love seeing what Americans can do with coupons though.


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