Monday, January 06, 2014

Winter Wonderland

A large snowfall was forecast for us on Sunday and it did not disappoint.
We had snowfall all day and about 9pm last night there was about a foot on the ground.  The flakes were big and beautiful.  I enjoyed watching it fall.  We did venture out in the afternoon for Megan to play and to shovel.  Chuck figured it would be better to shovel twice then have to move a foot of snow at one time. 
We ended up the evening by making snow cream. Yum!

Look at the forecast for tomorrow.

Can you say brrrrr?! The only thing to do when it is that cold is to stay inside warm and cozy!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. We are envious of your snow. We were supposed to get some but it didn't happen. Perhaps I should rephrase that-we are envious of your snow cream. The girls were so wanting to have some today. Anyway, we are supposed to get bitter cold as well. Stay warm and God bless.

  2. So many people getting that cold, wet, lovely stuff! We looked online and saw they are expected snow where we used to live in Georgia. My hubby said, "Let's load up and go,", but we didn't. Stay warm!

  3. I'm pretty jealous of that beauty. We don't get much snow here. When I drove my daughter to school this morning the temp said 17 degrees. If it is going to be 17 degrees in Texas I at least wish we had some pretty snow to admire!

    Stay warm! Good day for firing up the crock pot! :)

  4. beautiful..We didn't get any, we where suppose too get 1-4 inches. Our temperature right now is 0 and our wind chill is -20. Stay warm enjoy the snow.

  5. Beautiful pictures! My sister and family just moved to Brownsburg, IN from So. California just in time for all these storms.

    Have a wonderful evening and stay warm!


  6. That is pretty. It looked similar when we were in MI for Christmas, and actually I titled my post the same as yours (for Friday)!

    I've been wanting to make snow ice cream. Can you post how you do it? I can't remember.


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