Monday, January 13, 2014

Tea Thyme Cough Remedy

I haven't been feeling 100% since Thanksgiving.   I was treated for bronchitis and after a round of strong cough syrup and then a round of antibiotics I still have a lingering dry cough.  This is something that I tend to get every winter.  This is the third year in a row that I have endured this for months at a time.  So the doctor thinks there is an underlying reason this keeps happening.  He is working on finding out what is going on, but in the meantime I still have this cough.  I have only been to church two times since this started and quite frankly I feel like life has been put on hold.

Over the counter cough medicine doesn't work for me.  Besides that it has tons of "stuff" in it.  I began researching old time cough remedies and have found one that is helping.

1 cup of water boiled
2 tsp Thyme
Seep for 10 minutes
Add 1 Tbs honey and sip

I drank my first cup about an hour before bed.  Going to bed brings on a huge coughing fit and I could tell right away that it was improving my cough as I didn't cough as much.  I drink this three times a day.  I am still coughing but nearly as often or as hard as I have been.    I even made it to church yesterday!  I know what I will be adding to my garden this year.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Oh, I feel for you! We haven't had bronchitis but I've had respiratory troubles off and on (mostly on) for about 4 months now. The last 2 weeks we both have had the bad cough/fever/chills/aches. That cough tends to hang on!

    Do you know if the thyme needs to be fresh or would dried work as well?

    Always on the lookout for home remedies that work and this one looks worth trying!

  2. I can hear my mom telling you, if she read this post, that you probably have an allergy at this time of year. It brings about the bronchial symptoms. Do you have a real Christmas tree? Or mold spores can be high now. Or perhaps dust from your heating ducts...

  3. So sorry to hear this, Wendi. Your remedy is interesting, because Naomi's had a cough this week, and Monica came across a coughing remedy in an essential oil book she just purchased. I put drops of lemon and eucalyptus oil in honey, and then mixed it with warm water. At first, Naomi loved it, but then she lost interest. Could be another option if you have those oils on hand and run out of thyme.

  4. I am sorry to hear about your cough too. I will pray you will get well soon.
    In the mean time, your cough remedy sounds very good. I am going to try it just as a tea.
    Thank You!

  5. Thanks for sharing this cough remedy recipe. I much prefer using natural things like this when possible. I pray you feel better soon. God bless.


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