Monday, October 07, 2013

Reducing the Budget

Over the weekend Chuck and I had a serious conversation about how the government shut down could impact Chuck's job.  We decided that we needed to tighten things up and reduce the amount coming out of our budget.  Of course there are some things that are set and can not be reduced.  The mortgage payment and piano lessons to name a couple.  (Yes, I know piano could be eliminated, but at this time we want to make the sacrifice for it.) 

The grocery budget is one area that I am working to reduce.  I am going to be watching the sale ads closely.  I could have done without these items, but the prices were really good.  I used $9.60 of my grocery budget and this what I came home with.

The spaghetti sauce was $0.99 each if you bought four.  I had one coupon that took $0.40 off of that.  The oatmeal was also $0.99 each if you bought six.  These are all items we use on a regular basis.  I will especially use the oatmeal as the weather get cooler.  I really like waking up to crock pot oatmeal on a cold, snowy winter morning.  Keeping a stockpile of items bought at rock bottom prices is one way I can reduce the grocery budget.

Another way is to stretch the groceries that we already have.  One of the most expensive items is meat.  This week I am going to see how far I can stretch two chicken breast.

Later this week I will show how many meals I was able to get out of them.  If time permits I will share some other things this week that we are doing to reduce spending.  Any ideas?  Please feel free to share them!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Great job, Wendi. 99 cents for each of those oatmeal canisters is a really good deal!

    Best of luck stretching the chicken this week--shredding it instead of dicing is a trick I like to use.

    Thanks for sharing your frugal accomplishments--you know I love that stuff. And my next installment will be up tomorrow.

  2. Good job! I knew your husband had a defense related job and was wondering about you.
    I did some bargain shopping this morning with caution about what the economy might do.

  3. Good job on the bargains and looking forward to seeing how you stretch the chicken.

    These economic times are so uncertain. I'm so thankful that God is bigger than all that!

  4. I'm constantly trying to reduce the grocery bill! You got some good deals there. I agree with shredding the chicken and adding it to a casserole.

  5. Great job on saving money! We buy in bulk as much as possible as this seems to save us money. I look forward to your ideas on stretching out the chicken. I love to cook meat once and stretch it out to last several meals. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. You did teriffic shopping Wendi. I am so looking forward to your post on stretching that chicken. Have fun with it.

  7. Great buys! I know this shutdown is affecting many people. Even my husband's business (not govt related) has been quiet the past week - I think the uncertainty is making everyone a bit more cautious.

    I stretch my meat by using it for casseroles, pasta or enchiladas. I also stock up when prices are really low - It's nice to have staples on hand. We drink water at meals most of the time - I think that saves a lot of $$.

  8. Yes, reducing meal cost and lowering the heat (adding more blankets around the house are on our list as well. I was really looking for the chicken breast post, looks like its down. I sure hope that is not because you got some bad feedback. We are each doing what we can to make it in this economy.


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