Thursday, October 10, 2013

2 Chicken Breast = 5+ Meals

Well I did it! I stretched two chicken breast much further then I originally thought I could. I was able to get five meals out of them. I will say up front that the meat was stretched... really, really stretched. So, here I go with a picture heavy post.

I started out by boiling the chicken. I added salt, pepper and a little bouillon to make a nice stock. I then diced the chicken into chunks and divided them into thirds. 

One of the thirds was divided in half and then diced into smaller pieces. 

The stock was then divided into two pans.

I needed diced carrots to add to one of the stock pans.  While I was doing this I diced carrots for another meal.  No sense in making a mess peeling and slicing later in the week. 

While one pot of stock cooked my diced carrots the other one was used to make dinner. 

Meal #1:  Chicken and Noodles with a side of green beans. 

I could have made this meal more cost effective by making my noodles.  I had a bag in the freezer so I used them.  Normally I would have used half a bag but wanted left overs so I used the entire bag. 

I ended day one with a small container of finely diced chicken (not pictured), a container of diced chicken and raw sliced carrots, a container with stock, finely diced chicken and cooked carrots and a large container of left over chicken and noodles. 

Meal #2:  Chicken and Rice Soup, homemade cornbread with honey butter.

This is by far my favorite kind of soup and the honey butter could be dangerous! 

Meal #3:  Chicken Pot Pie

If you use an egg wash be sure to save the left over!  I put it in the frig to add to scrambled eggs the next morning.

After I filled the ramekins I had some of the pot pie sauce left. (sorry no picture, it was blurry) Be sure to save that also!

Meal #4:  Chicken/Egg Salad with crackers and a side salad

Meal #5:  Chicken Noodle Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. 

This is where all the left overs come into play.  I added the chicken and noodles to a large pan then added some chicken broth.  The sauce from the pot pie was mixed in and then I added water to get the desired consistency.

After all of this I still have leftovers!

Some stock for the freezer and then soup for lunches.  I imagine most of the liquid from the chicken and rice will be absorbed.  I might be able to use it as side with some grilled chicken.  Hmm, something to ponder.

I had so much fun doing this!  I know you might think that is strange, but it caused me to spend time in the kitchen (which I enjoy) and to be a little bit creative.   If push came to shove I could do this every week and make it work.   I told Chuck what I was doing at dinner during meal #1 and all he said was that he noticed there wasn't as much chicken in the dish as normal.  :)  He was a good sport and did not complain one time.  He is a meat and potato kind of guy so to avoid a revolt I will serve more then chicken and won't stretch the meat quite as far next week! :)

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. You did great! The meals all look very nourishing and comforting. I've never had chicken in my egg salad; will have to try that!

    I get such pleasure out of stretching our food too.

  2. You did a great job. We have been working on stretching meals also. I have had tuna egg salad, but never chicken egg salad. I bet that was good. Your noodles looked wonderful.

    Have a great day.


  3. I can't believe how you stretched two chicken breasts! What an accomplishment! you created wonderful meals for your family, too. Just shows what we can do with a little effort and ingenuity. Everything looks delicious!

  4. w-o-w! That is super awesome!!! Great job, Wendi!

  5. You go girl!! That is awesome! Meat is the most expensive and such a great thing to reduce. Adding beans and wheatberries is always great for upping protein and saving on met:)


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