Thursday, January 03, 2013

Organizing Bug

As much I love Christmas and enjoy the decorations I am always happy to put the things away. I crave order and simplicity.  Once I get a little taste of it I get the bug to get everything organized.  My home is small cozy, under 950 square feet, so keeping  the clutter under control and things in their place is very important.

The closet in the living was serving as a coat closet, storage for the vacuum and the upper shelves contained most of my craft items. 
It has never worked the way I intended.  The upper shelves were always a mess.  Some of the organization wasn't working.  I would move one thing and then another would fall over.  Ugh. 

I decided to take everything out of here and make some changes.  Aww... so much better!
I decided to move my craft items to the spare room.  I was then able to use the three drawers under our coats for hats & gloves.   I purchased photo boxes (watching sales & using coupons I got them for $1.20 each) for storage and used them to store baby food jars on the top shelf.  The bottom shelf hold things for the kids: paint, craft items, educational things. 
I mentioned that it would be nice to move all of our games in here.  Chuck said that he had some left over wire shelves in the shed and thought they would work.  Yes!
Once all of the games were brought in I had an empty side shelf that I used to store workbooks and coloring pages. 

I am very pleased with this.  I love that I still have space on the upper shelves, but the best thing is that all of things I use with the kids is in one place.  I no longer have to run to another room to get things for our activities.  That makes it much easier to keep an eye on two active little boys!
Now I need to hit the spare room.  It seems that when I start moving things around and organizing I usually end up with a bigger mess until I get it all together.  Please tell me I am not the only one with this problem. :)

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Good job!
    It is the same way at my home, when I start cleaning and moving things around- just like the book "if you give a mouse a cookie"
    I'm going to be doing some cleaning and organizing today too. and decorating.

  2. I like having stuff for the littles in a central location too!

    Still working on getting everything organized since our move--one closet and room at a time! You are not alone. One area can be organized while the others are messy! One thing leads to another...

    The first 7 years of our marriage were spent in houses 1000 sq. ft. or less with almost no storage space, so I feel for you! Now that we have a little more space, we are trying to be careful with adding stuff since one of the main reasons we wanted a larger home was for more space for people to gather. So that keeps me motivated to keep the clutter down!

    You are doing great!

  3. Doing a great job keeping it neat and organized. Makes you want to open the door and just look at all now doesn't it.
    Great job.

  4. Great job on the organizing. I sometimes get that bug too and then feel so much better when it's all nice and tidy :)


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