Thursday, January 10, 2013

$0.67 Homemade Stain Remover *Updated*

I ran out of Shout which is a must have around here!  I haven't seen it on sale in a long time and when I looked for a coupon I didn't have one.  I was on my way to the store so I did a search and found this recipe.  My budget is super tight this month and I thought I would compare buying the ingredients to buying a bottle of ready made.  The ready made was $2.98 and I was able to buy the two ingredients I needed for $2.19.  I have been wanting to try this for a long time and this was just the push I needed to give it a try. 
It was super easy to make.  The total cost for all ingredients was $3.17.  I will be able to make 11 batches out of the 64 oz of Ammonia.  After I broke everything down I was able to make a 30 oz bottle for $0.67.  A savings of $1.81 on a regularly priced bottle.  Yes!  I think I can get this price even lower by getting my Ammonia at the dollar store,  watching for coupons and sales on dish soap and checking the price of baking soda at Sam's Club. 
Thankfully I hadn't put my old bottle in the recycle box I dropped off on the way to the store.  I was able to remove the label and reuse the bottle. 
Notice the Do NOT mix with bleach on the label?  As this has ammonia you want to be sure you don't mix this with bleach.  My sister once mixed the two together while working at Chick-fil-A in high school. It wasn't a pretty thing!
On the back of the bottle I wrote the recipe so I won't have to look it up each time I need to make a batch.  I have high hopes for this.  The reviews were good and the price is great.  I will let you know the verdict soon. 
Megan wore this shirt to the Children's Museum right after Christmas.  I used Shout on this spot and another one toward the top.  I spot at the top came out but not on the bottom.  I didn't realize the bottom spots hadn't come out until after I had washed and dried it.  It seems it always works out that way.  I wasn't very happy considering this was the first time she has wore the shirt.  I put it aside to work on getting the stain out.

Do you see the three spots in the corner?  They didn't show up very well in the picture, but believe me they were very noticable in person.  I sprayed them with the homemade stain remover and then let it sit while a load finished washing.  I sprayed some more on before putting it into the washer and washed as normal. 
No spots... yes!!!  So now I know this stuff is going to work great.
May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. I'm interested in how it works! That is a huge savings. Good job!

  2. Do you know if sudsing ammonia can be used? that is the type I have on hand.

  3. Mary Ann ~ I will try to do a review in the next week or so. It shouldn't be hard to find a stain or twenty around here. :)

    Angie ~ I think that both kinds of ammonia should work.

  4. I am looking forward to see how it works for you. I have always stayed away from that because of the costs. I have all of those ingredients on hand.

    Have a wonderful day.


  5. Thanks so much for posting this recipe. Have you tried it yet? I am interested in how it works. I have to buy ammonia as I do not have any on hand. Keep us posted. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing, Wendi! Let us know how it works...I want to give it a try!


  7. WOW I sure am glad that you ran out of Shout! Cleaver. Let us know how it works please

  8. Wow! That's really interesting. The only problem I might run into is if I spray it on a white item and then put bleach in the washer water (which I sometimes do) then I may have a problem. You'll have to let us all know how it works!

  9. Thanks for the update, OK this is now on my list to make. Thanks so much.

  10. Hello, I just found your blog via The Homestead Heart.... and am I ever glad! What type of dish detergent do you use? I've learned over the years that certain types work and some well not so much. Thank you! With 3 teenage boys and a messy momma we definitely need this!


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