Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jam Packed Fun!

Over the weekend we had not one, but two family reunions to attend. Friday night we headed about an hour and a half away to start our first adventure. My parents are responsible for my family reunion. It was decided that this would be our last year to host the reunion. It is lots of work and with Megan in school I am not able to go down as early as normal. That puts more work on my parents. As sad as it is to end this era I know that it is the best thing at the moment.

My cousin brought this cute cake!

Although we go away for the reunion I think the thing we enjoy the most is our time spent at the inn.  There was time for Megan and her cousins to swim.

A lovely sunset walk.  What a great way to erase the stress of everyday life!

We always make time to do a little exploring.  The town where the inn is has an Amish community.  Right after we turned off the main road we were greeted by this sign. 

We passed many buggies and wagons.

We even saw the Amish schoolhouse.

Sunday we hit the road again and headed two hour south for Chuck's reunion.  It is always held at a state park. 

Grandma is on the end in the black pants.  They are a wonderful group and share some great stories of times past.  I could sit and listen to them all day.

Some time was spent hiking.  This is cake rock and we try to take a picture of Megan here each year.

This park is know for it's waterfalls.  This is the top of what is know as Little Clifty.  There is usually a steady stream of water falling over the edge of these rocks. 

We have been getting some rain so seeing how dry this is really put the drought into perspective.  Wow!

By the time we headed home Sunday evening Megan was a dirty, tired little girl. Hmmm... I wonder why? lol

It was a very long weekend, but lots of fun. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. What a busy weekend for you all. What a blessing to be able to get together with family.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.


  2. Wow what a busy fun weekend but it sounds like a lot of work. So glad you have others to work on it. Enjoy your week.

  3. Great pictures! I'm sure you had a great weekend visiting with family. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  4. What fun your reunion looks to have been. Tired and dirty...means Meagan had a great day!!! ;) Hope you can stop on over and say hi...I have been out of the loop..trying to get back in!!


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