Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Spring Rain

Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life. ~ John Updike

For after all, the best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It started about lunch time and the storms and downpours have keep coming.

It looks like we might hit the three inch mark before the day ends. Yikes! that is a lot of rain! I am off to crack the window in the bedroom and enjoy the sound of the rain. It makes the best sleeping weather!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. That is a lot of rain in one afternoon. We had rain yesterday morning, but sunshine today.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.


  2. Anonymous12:02 AM

    I just love the rain! My body not so much but the sound and freshness of the air is just wonderful!

  3. I love the sound of rain as well. We've had 3 days of the sound of rain so I would like the sound of sunshine now. Have a great day.

  4. I love the sound of a nice spring rainstorm!

  5. Could you send some our way? We need some badly.


  6. We had lots of rain here a few days ago ~ it poured buckets, it seemed! But it was pretty short-lived and nothing since. I love the smell after a fresh rainfall!

    As for your absolute fun comment on my post today, we MUST arrange this!!! =) I smiled from ear to ear when I read that and chuckled inside and out. Yes, if only in my dreams, that would be a delightful time ~ love it!!! Thanks for the smiles!

    Blessings to you and your family,

  7. We have been getting some rain here too. Our pastor said they had hail yesterday evening and we had some the evening before that. Rain does make for good sleeping weather. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. Love the sound of rain... I remember my dad enjoying thunderstorms. He'd sit on the porch and watch them. Made my mom a nervous wreck! LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend!



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