Monday, July 04, 2011

Lightening Bugs & Fireworks

What a great weekend! It started out with staying up late and chasing lightening bugs.

Look Mama, I caught one!

Plenty of sunshine and some time spent in the pool.

Made even more fun with cousins to play with.

There were cookouts to attend. I was introduced to a new hot dog topping...

Baked beans on the dog. Yum, yum!

Of course there were fireworks.

Grandma (Chuck's mom) and Megan waiting for the big show.

A little town close to us host the fireworks on the 3rd. We love this for many reason. For one it is on the 3rd and that means that we are not out late on the 4th and then Chuck has to be up for work the next day. It is small, close to home and the traffic isn't bad compared to going into the city. All good things in my book.

On the actual fourth there was more swimming, cooking out and sparklers.

I have traveled and lived out of our country and I have seen first hand how great we have it in America. I may not be happy with everything that is happening in our country, but I am proud to be an American! Happy 4th of July!!

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. What a fun week-end! Sounds similar to ours, but no pool :(. We had hot dogs and baked beans,too, but I din't think about topping the hot dog with them!

  2. Fun pix, Wendi! How cute that Megan has two patriotic dresses!


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