Thursday, June 09, 2011

Lovin' Life

There has been plenty of sunshine this week and we have been soaking it up! Slowly but surely our fence is coming along.

The privacy panels on both sides to block our back porch are up and the picket section has been started. Chuck is great about taking my vision and making it a reality!

Once he cut the pickets into the desired shape it is my job to sand the top edges.

My dad and Megan have a little ice cream thing going on. Some evening Grandpa calls over and says "ice cream, ice cream" which is exciting for Megan since it means a trip to the ice cream store.

The other night we turned the tables and had Megan call Grandpa to say "ice cream, ice cream!"

Before bed I usually step outside for a breath of fresh air.

I turned and look back at my home and thought how cozy it looked.

The boys I watch returned this week after me taking last week off.

The three peas in a pod were back together and very happy to see each other. Abe came running up the driveway yelling Mae, Mae (which is what he calls Megan.) Very cute!

Some time crafting when the afternoons were too hot to be outside.

As always there was housework to be done. I had all of the laundry washed, dried, ironed and put away. If only for a day it made me happy, happy.

My niece, Alison, and her boyfriend invited everyone over to my parents for dinner one evening. They served salad, chicken parmesan and cake for dessert. It was delicious and I enjoy watching Alison develope a love for domestic things!

Many hours have been spent outside.

A permanent home was found for the bird feeder. I really enjoy watching our visitors.

After much practice and determination Megan has finally mastered swinging. She has been trying hard since last summer to coordinate the pumping of her legs.

My nieces, Lauren and Kayla, have been here playing for most of the afternoon. They are now sleeping over. Chuck is surprising them with something fun! I will share pictures next week.

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. Thanks for sharing! And I think that your picket fence is going to look so adorable. Do share pics of the finished product, okay? I love picket fences!

  2. That fence is really coming along! It will look great when you are both done. A great week for you!

  3. Wendy, I featured you on my blog today.

    Thank you for the example of a sheltering tree you are.


  4. Hi Wendi,

    I love seeing families hanging around home! Your home does look cozy! Your fence is going to be really nice too!

    Megan is really growing up! She is a cutie!

    You all have a great week! :)


  5. I just got caught up on your blog! I loved the posts! I need to try and make that ball jar soap container!! LOVED IT!


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