Thursday, March 17, 2011

Signs of Spring!

Yesterday it was 60* and sunny! A great day to take a walk and see some signs of spring. Early spring flowers are blooming in my beds.

There are always plenty of sticks to pick up in the spring. This year we had some limbs to pick up lost during the ice storm.

While out and about pricing fencing a few weeks ago we found these on clearance.

Last night they were assembled. I hope that we can get them placed tonight and filled with soil very soon.

I have always wanted to try raised bed gardening. These will be a great place to plant early season veggies. I am thinking peas, carrots, lettuce and cabbage to start with.

The forecast for today is sunny and 70*! I am looking forward to hanging bedding on the line, taking the kids on a long walk and opening up a window or two. It feels great to finally head outside again. I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. Enjoy your beautiful day!

  2. Lovely garden structures! My hubby made me a raised garden (at our home up north) out of scrap wood once. I miss it! We are so excited for spring too!! Happy Day to you!

  3. hi
    lovely springflowers blooms in your garden.
    the wooden boy is a great idea!!!!
    have a wonderful day,

  4. I have read so much about raised garden beds lately. We would love to try our hands at this. Where did you find the kits?

  5. Angie,

    I found the raised bed kits at Home Depot. They were originally $60something and were picked up on clearance for $20.

    I mainly wanted them for early season veggies. The ones that need to be in the ground when it is still too wet to till the garden.


  6. Great pictures! I can't wait till things start blooming here! I also want to get our garden together. I would love to do raised, but find it quite expensive. You were lucky to find such a great deal!



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