Friday, March 25, 2011

One Thing Leads To Another

Spring cleaning has begun. The plan was to start my cleaning the first week of April. The little man had an accident at lunch time. (Oh, how I love potty training!)

I had to take the booster seat apart to clean it. The sink was full of warm soapy water and since I had to clean one chair why not clean them all. One thing lead to another and the kitchen started to get a deep clean.

After the table and chairs were clean Megan came in from her quiet time. As I took things down she washed them for me. She had a blast! Today I will clean the oven and finish this room. Although this wasn't the plan it feels good to know it is almost done.

Have you started your spring cleaning?

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. Our Spring cleaning is almost done and will love getting to spend time outside once it warms up. Since I'm inside and it's too cold to work in the yard ( also have too much snow and frozen ground still) might as well clean

  2. I started a month ago. With homeschooling, it's been slow-going. I do a little bit here and there. Not how I prefer to do it, but how it has to be done. The only way to get it done, really! I started early because I wanted to get the cleaning done so when the warm weather did finally roll in, I could enjoy it rather than be cooped in cleaning!

  3. We're nearly done with spring cleaning. Onto planting and grounds-keeping! Yay!!

  4. Hi Wendi!

    i'm still waiting for warm weather so I can throw open the windows and really clean well! LOL But I did start my living room a bit today.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!


  5. I need to go some spring cleaning! It's snowing here today, though, so it doesn't feel much like spring.

    I echo Jill--I'm ready to let some fresh air in the house, and to be out there in it!


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