Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Warm & Cozy

As I sit typing this I can hear the ice and sleet hitting the windows. We are currently under an ice storm warning and I am grateful to be in my warm and cozy home!

Through out the day the ice has slowly been building. This is on my clematis.

This morning a few branches were lost from the pine trees. The neighbor across the street lost part of their tree. We are thankful that we only lost a few branches.

I don't think I will be hanging laundry out any time soon!

Chuck has been in and out through out the day and he called me out to hear the crack of the trees as they are trying to move. We anticipate that at some point we will lose power.

We have prepared as much as we can.

The lamps have been filled.

The generator is gassed and ready to go. Having your whole family home bound is not a bad thing. Chuck graciously cleaned the living room carpet.

There are plenty of things to keep us busy. So much that we could be busy for days and days. There are games to play, books to read and there is always cleaning! I know that this is a large storm and I hope that no matter where you are you are keeping warm and safe.

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. Call me crazy, but the thoughts of being stranded at home without power makes me giddy with excitement.
    Stay safe, and enjoy the quiet moments with your family.
    (As I type, I can hear my son's Wii game, the oven timer beeping, the dryer buzzing, and my daughter's music!)

  2. Be safe! We are getting the snow - so far we have 6 more inches with the second storm ready to hit over night so we will see what we get from that. Like you, lamps are ready and so is the generator. I am looking forwarded to a snow day as well. But Spring hopefully will come soon.

  3. Stay warm and cozy! I'd wouldn't mind the snow here if I could get my hubby to shampoo the carpets!! :)

  4. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Wow! lots of ice. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Take care.

  5. We have a similar view out our window....ice and snow...snow and ice...while somewhat of a mess, it sure looks nice! :-) Hope you are warm and the power has remained on for you!

  6. Stay warm and safe. We got bad ice today too, my husband went later but the conditions are still not good so I worry... Snow is one thing, but ice is something else entirely. We are staying busy too.



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