Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Wishing there was more time to:

*sleep in this morning.

*clean. I would love a clean, totally organized home. (at least for a day!)



*spent with my husband.

*play/snuggle/read with Megan.

*stop and enjoy the simple moments.

As I was thinking of the things I wish I had more time for I stopped and thought... "Am I wishing my life away?"

Each moments is precious and I certainly wouldn't want to wish them away. So now I am wishing to pause and cherish each moment! (even the messy house, chaotic ones!)

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. You are so right about wishing your life away. I was just thinking this morning as I was getting a bit frustrated with my tiny laundry room and having to move everything just to open the dryer that there is someone who wants what I have. My goal for today is to be content where God has me and enjoy each moment!

  2. I was doing a lot of wishing last night!

    Our school day was very busy and when I finally sat down last night, I wanted just one more hour to unwind before bed. But, today is another day and we'll take it easier!

  3. How ture your words are! Often we wish for what we think will make our lives better and then remember, our lives are gifts from God. Thank you for the gentle reminder to cherish each day, each hour, each moment.

  4. Sounds like a good plan to me! I find myself doing that sometimes (wishing) - I used to do it a lot more. Maybe I've come to a place of acceptance. Our life is full of seasons, and it's our privilege to live each one to the fullest.

  5. :) that was a very nice post!!

  6. This is so true Wendi and I think we all do a lot of wishing. It is so important to live in the moments. Thanks for the reminder :)

  7. Every time I watch my daughter I want to pause and camp in the moment. All the wishing for this and that seems a million miles away. God uses her to keep me focused. Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17


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