Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Homemade Brown Sugar

I was in the kitchen and realized that I didn't have enough brown sugar to complete my recipe. No worries, I just mixed up my own batch.

1 cup sugar
1 tbs molasses

Mix well and walla... brown sugar!

Quick, easy, light and fluffy. I can't believe I waited so long to try this. Have you ever made your own?

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. Never made brown sugar so I'm glad you posted this. Will try it sometime. Thanks.

  2. Wow ~ you make it look so easy! :-) Looks very good!

    (Anytime I use brown sugar in a recipe, I can't help but hear Marilla Cuthbert say..."TWEN-TY pounds of brown sugar" on Anne of Green Gables, when Matthew came home with a bag after his shopping adventure for Anne...)

    Did you use the sulphured or unsulphured molasses? Does it matter?

  3. Never thought of that! Thanks for the info!

  4. So awesome! I gotta try that sometime :-)

    Have a great night!


  5. What a great idea!!! We usually get a large amount of sugar at once...I am SO going to do this.

  6. I have never made brown sugar. Wow! It's that easy!?!?! It's now on my list to try. Let me know the answer to Katie's molasses question.

  7. Well that makes perfect sense, Wendi! You're so smart! :)


  8. How cool is that.I love to just taste a chunk of brown sugar ..and the funny thing is..molasses smell gags me....I will have to try that..Thanks for sharing


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