Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog

Well that is what has been weighing on mind and heart. It seems that my time away from my blog has slowly been increasing. I hadn't been feeling the joy and contentment that I had in the past with blogging.

I took time to step back and to evaluate the reason I was feeling this way. One thing that stuck out to me was that some of my reading choices may not have been the best. Now I am not saying that there was anything wrong with the content. It was just content that didn't leave me feeling good about myself.

I am sure we have made a stop at a blog that leaves you feeling like you are not good enough. This person makes everything from scratch, this person can take a piece of string and have her living room looking like it should be in a magazine, this person shops at 10 stores with 10 kids spends $5, home schools and still has a spotless home with dinner on the table each night. Then there are the blogs that have tons of followers and make me feel like my little bit of space doesn't matter much. I know that you get the picture.

Matthew 6:19-21 is a scripture that I keep coming to while thinking about this. Why was really blogging? In all honestly it isn't for comments, followers or fame. For where your treasure is there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

What things do I really treasure? The answer was here all along, right up in the header of my blog.... Faith; an on going, ever growing relationship with my Lord and Savior. Family; the people that I love and cherish. Home; a place that I hope is cozy, warm and a refuse from the crazy world around us.

So, the questions is will I keep blogging? After reading this post and the comments today I knew the answer was Yes. I will blog for the reason I first began. A place to share what is on my mind, heart, what is happening in my life and a scrapbook of sorts for the ones I treasure.


  1. Hi Wendi,

    I hear your heart on this! I think I've thought I would quit my blog several times! But, God always reminds me to be myself, and in being myself truly - I enjoy blogging!

    He reminded me to "stay there" (1 Timothy 1:3) this weekend which to me said to stay where I am in what He has given me to do.

    One of the speakers this weekend really challenged us in what blogs we read. She said something like this, "When you read a blog does it make you run to Jesus? Or to the store?"

    Point taken - I ran to my hotel room that night and cut my blog reading list by half or more. Only you and God know what is right for you, only He and I know what is best for me.

    I am glad you will keep blogging for the precious reasons you shared. Imagine how special it will be to hand these thoughts to your sweet Megan someday and let her see this glimpse into your heart!

    Blessings to you tonight, friend!

  2. Wendi,

    I have had the exact same struggles lately. I took a long summer break because I really couldn't figure out why I was blogging. I wanted my blog to be from my heart, glorify the Lord and stay simple.

    I've been contacted by a couple of advertisers, but I want no part of it. I even feel strange when I talk about my business on my blog. I don't want people to feel like I'm trying to sell them something all the time.

    I love your blog and would truly miss it if you decided to stop.

  3. I knew it was Monica's blog before I clicked on your link. We will cherish each post, no matter how often. Thanks.

  4. Wendi, I, for one, really enjoy reading your blog and for me, it's a blog that helps me to keep in mind the treasures of daily life - the gifts God gives us and the fact that I don't want to lose track of what really matters. Thank you for this precious gift.

  5. For me, blogging became much more enjoyable when I began to do it for me and not for pleasing the masses. I've tried to just be myself and blog about homemaking and my daily life, hoping in some small way that it is encouraging and edifying to those that read it. Also, I've never been a consistent diary keeper, so I see this as an online journal of my early years of homemaking and married life.

    I've been pondering my blog reading list for some time and have been working on whittling it down a bit more. Sometimes I get to the point where there is just too much information and I'm not able to fully process it all. And too often it leads to feelings of discontent and guilt that I am not doing all that I could be doing, eating the right foods, my house doesn't look as nice, etc.

    I enjoy reading your blog because it's like having a visit with a friend who enjoys the simple things in life much as I do.

  6. Wendi,
    You have a lovely blog and it always makes me smile when I visit.
    I started mine at the end of june to document the days with my girls and husband that i feel go by too quickly. I love to scrapbook but don't always have the time. I thought my blog would be a great way to do this. Plus it's a great way for my family and friends to keep up with us as they live far from me. Your blog should be for you. Not how many followers there are or comments. This is your special place to share with your amazing daughter. Follow your heart and pray about it. The right answer will come to you. Just want you to know I enjoy visiting you and I would miss you very much :-)
    Have a very blessed day!


  7. I understand and have felt the same way a lot lately but will also continue to blog...It is a way to rech out to others and make new friends and I do enjoy reading your blog so just keep it going. Just be yaurself. I wonder a lot if my blog posts are really interesting and 75% of my posts are about my dogs but they are usually happy blogs and I am sure all of blogland knows how much I love my dogs and my cats too.
    Nancy :)

  8. Wendi! I think Monica got to a lot of our hearts this week! I love visiting your blog...especially, as a fellow Indiana Girl and adoptive Mommy! I so struggle with comparing myself to others...Let's all pray for each other that we would bless each other with our hearts and blogs...and not worry about what we do or don't do (homeschooling...feeding 20 on 5.00,etc!!)
    Keep writing:) I love to read it!!

  9. Wendi~~I am so glad you are staying....I love visiting you and I would miss you if you were gone! :)

  10. I sometimes feel this way too. I know for me it's all about the time. I don't find myself devoting much time lately with my job. I know what you mean about comparing. I listened to a sermon about this recently and the message was that we are all unique in how he created us. We don't have to compete with others, there isn't a race. I think you hit on the key idea Faith, Family and Home. Good luck Wendi, Blessings!


  11. I enjoy reading your blog! It is one of the few I keep up with, since time on the computer with a newborn and 3-year-old is very short! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!


  12. I am so glad you will continue your blog. I do enjoy reading your blog...not because you make everything from scratch or are the most amazing super mom ever, but because I know your words come from the heart. I read your blog and it makes me want to keep things simple and relaxed. To enjoy the little things. I believe this is what your words express. Finding a way back to Him a way to keep our lives centered on Him. You should never feel you are less than you are. You are a daughter of a King who loves you and knows your heart. Your doing awesome Wendi and thank you always for your sweet words on your blog:>

  13. I love reading your blog because you speak from the heart, and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

  14. Wendi,
    I am so glad you are staying with blogging. I love to come and visit your world on the web. I find that you are very talented in creating peace in your home and family. I know its hard, I don't have many followers either and yet I do continue to blog. It's OK, I blog about the people I love and the small ways that God has blessed me. We need to see and read more about Godly husband who really know how to "Man Up". You do that here. Thank you.

  15. Wendi,

    Blogging is hard. It is hard to put yourself out there, it is hard to open yourself up to criticism, skepticism and heathenism.

    Then there is self-consciousness, it is much easier to walk around with an opinion, biblical insights or a funny story then it is to share it with others, forever.

    About that, everyone has struggles, I don't want to catalog the bad times on a blog. I want to focus on positive things. This is probably where your hero's are. Going into a store with 10 kids and spending $5 on groceries is a big win for her, she may want to praise God thru her blog on that instead of lamenting the fact that her husband is out of work and they have $5 to feed 10 kids.

    I hope that helps encourage you.

    My blog has no following, one because I don't know how to work blogger :) two because I am not as dedicated as you. :) And three there is no spell check/ run on sentence check ;)

    Keep up the good work! There are interested people out here that are inspired by YOU.

  16. What a noble question!! I love the Scripture you referenced to help you make your decision. Yes...where are our heart(s) today? I think the title of your blog gave you your answer! :-)

    It looks like you have a lovely home on the web here, and I'm excited to check out your blog! Thank you so much for stopping by mine and for your fun comment! Wow, so glad you didn't listen to the GPS lady in that instance! :-)
    I've added your blog to my subscriptions as well. Will look forward to getting to know you through your blog!


  17. I felt exactly the same way as you when I read Monica's post. There are days when I think it's my last blogging day - I take a break and miss it. I sometimes think my blog should have a 'point' - but it's really all over the place. Kind of like my life right now. :)

    I agree about the content we're reading - I have my favorite blogs that make me feel good (yours is one of them) and those that make me feel 'less than' (I call those the MacGyver blogs - they can redecorate a room with a paper clip and rubber band and finish just in time for Better Homes and Garden to do their photo shoot!)Not sure why I read those types of blogs but I do. I think the ladies who commented before me may be the type of bloggers that make me feel good. :)

    Glad you'll still be here. I so enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing you life with us strangers.

  18. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Dearest Wendi,
    I am so glad you will be continuing to blog. I so enjoy reading about you and your sweet family and your endeavours. You have a refreshing outlook on life and on what family means, and many times your posts have me reflecting on my own walk with the Lord. So glad you're staying!

  19. I just found your blog today, and like many others, I'm glad you will continue.
    Dorothy - A new friend from Australia :)

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