Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time Marches On

Time had certainly been marching on around here! Last Wednesday Chuck came down with the stomach flu. I caught it Wednesday night and by Thursday Megan was feeling bad. All three of us sick at the same time was not fun! Luckily Megan had it least of any of us. As you all know it is hard to see your child not feeling well. The plus of the whole thing is that by Friday we all were feeling better and ended up having a relaxing weekend. Sad that it sometimes takes getting sick to make you slow down.

I haven't done much fall decorating yet. My tubs are still down in the shed. I did buy some mums a couple of weeks ago.

A couple of pot to put here and there and the rest were placed in the ground. It is super dry here and I am hoping that they will make it.

Since it has been so dry I have been making sure that the bird bath has fresh water every evening.

Not many bird have been out, but the squirrels have been using it. It is so dry that the other day a squirrel keep watching us while on the swing set and keep creeping closer and closer to the bird bath. He finally risked it for a drink. I have never seen the squirrels get that close while we have been out.

This is a picture of my front lawn.

That will give you an idea of how dry it is. The area farmers are having a hard time because of it. The other day there were three field fires in one day. Unfortunately not only crops were damaged, one family lost their home.

This time of year evenings are a favorite time of mine. We have been spending some time out enjoying the cooler weather. The other night we stayed out well past dark, lite a candle and then ended up putting on a puppet shadow show.

It really is the simple things that make life fun!

Chuck and Megan have a special time at bedtime. After we read a story and have prayer time I leave the room.

Megan asks Daddy to tell her a story about her friends. They make us stories about each of her favorite stuffed animals. Chuck has stated writing down the stories they create so we can create a book for her. It really warms my heart to see them have this special time.

I hope that you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. Great post Wendi, and truly it is the simple moments that mean so much. Our grass is looking the same. Sorry to hear a farmer lost his home. That deeply saddens me to hear it about anyone. Hope you are all feeling much better!

  2. That is something that will remain in your daughters memories forever..such a good Dad..You are right..sometimes we just need to slow down and take advantage of the simpliwe things in life. Thanks for makes me smile to read posts like yours :)

  3. glad you are feeling better!

  4. Wendy,
    Sorry that you all were sick but you all got over it at once so that was good. Nice memory making days are a gift. I'm glad that Dad is writing down the stories - great idea. :-)

  5. Wendy,

    Sorry your family was sick, it's going around. Glad you're feeling better. Our yard looks the same as yours. I'm glad your hubby takes time to do the simple things.


  6. Hi!

    just wanted to let you know I won another blog award and get to share it with more of my friends! I picked you! Love your blog! When you get a chance stop over to get it and copy to your blog!

    Have a great weekend!


  7. Wendi - Thanks for your prayers for our family! They are very appreciated.

    Glad to hear your family's sickness didn't last too long. We all had that here too, but ours was spread out over a couple of weeks by the time everyone was done with it. :)

    Our yard looks very similar to yours. Very dry here as well, although we did just get a much-needed rainy day last Thursday.

  8. You are right...the simple things are the best! :) Oh dear, it really is dry there. I am so sorry to hear that. When it is raining and we can't get our harvesting done my husband always says that at least we are getting rain as it could be dry and the dirt could be blowing. :) Glad you are all feeling better. Come say hi.


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