Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rain, Sweet Rain

As many of you know the great State of Indiana has had a very dry summer. Yesterday there was another field fire and 160 acres of corn were lost. I saw the clouds moving in and thought do I dare hope that rain is coming? Come it did!

It started out with a slow pitter patter on the tin porch roof and then it let loose.

When it has been dry for so long what is a girl to do when the rain starts? Go out and play of course!

We still need more rain, but I am so thankful for what we received.

It was such a treat to sit outside and smell the wonderful scent of rain!


  1. Wendi~
    What wonderful news! I am so thankful for the rain you received. How awful for the farmers there too. We are still getting lots of rain and are still unable to do any more harvesting. I hope you can swing over soon for a visit. :)

  2. Blessings and prayers,

  3. So glad you got rain at last! I too love the sound of it on the roof and often fall asleep to it on my iTouch.


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