Friday, August 06, 2010

Tomatoes! Tomatoes!

I am currently knee deep in tomatoes! The gardening season in my area has been pitiful this year. About an hour south of us the growing season has been better. My parents were able to get some tomatoes from the Hershbergers, an Amish family. Mom and I are in the process of putting up three bushels. Two down and one more to go. Lots of work, but oh how yummy they will taste this winter!


  1. Ours are still green on the vines right now... we can't wait till they are ready to pick! We do have peppers, squash and cucumbers though. :-) Have a great weekend!

  2. Our garden was a big flop this year but next year I am going to can some and also try dehydrating some.Your tomatoes look so yummy :)

  3. Oh, how wonderful! Our tomatoes are very late this year, I finally have one ripe one! I will need many more to start canning, which I hope to do soon. Right now we are canning and freezing peaches, making peach smoothies, and eating peaches n' cream. Our trees have blessed us this year!
    Have fun!


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