Monday, August 02, 2010

No Kisses? No Problem

I whipped up a batch of peanut butter blossom cookies and realized that I didn't have any chocolate kisses in the freezer. No problem; I used a bag of Brachs Chocolate Stars that I had stashed in the freezer during the Christmas season.

I think the stars made a really cute cookie and it was much easier to stack the cookies. I know what I will be stocking up on when Christmas candy is on clearance. I love it when an oops turns into a good thing!


  1. They actually look much prettier with the chocolate stars!

  2. MMMMM these are one of my favorites! always makes me think of Christmas time!!
    That's a great idea, it looks so cute with those! Enjoy!

  3. They look so yummy is that recipe allready on your blog?

  4. The stars work! They look pretty and I bet they taste good too.

  5. Cute idea! I love it when the lack of an ingredient acutally makes what I am cooking look and/or taste better. :)

  6. Very cute...and so much unwrapping!! :)


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