Monday, August 30, 2010


This was a wonderful weekend. There was nothing on the calendar and the weekend was beautiful! Clear blue skies and low humidity. Time to get some things accomplished. Some things were on the list and another item was a surprise.

I posted about this flag a long time ago. After hanging up for about 7 years it needed to be taken down and repainted. I had everything done except the star. It had been sitting on the back porch for what seems like forever.

Finally it is complete and hanging back on the shed. I love the way it looks!

Another item on the list was some tweaking on the back porch.

The Welcome sign had been hanging for a while and I have had the ladybugs for a long time. Anyone who has knowledge of China adoption would know that they are know as a sign of good luck. They were gifted to me while we waited for Megan. I 'm not sure how much good luck they might bring, but I think they are cute.

The unexpected item on the list was a new radiator for my car. Saturday evening we were on our way to the hardware store and the car was getting hot. We ended up scraping the trip to the store and headed home. When Chuck opened the hood the radiator was steaming and he could see that the steam was coming from a crack. Yikes!

We skipped church so that Chuck could get this taken care of. He looked online and found that one junk yard had one radiator that would fit the year of my car. He started working on it about 8 and didn't get it complete until almost 6. A long day and an unexpected event yes, but through it all God is good. We are grateful that it didn't happen while I was in the car pool line with kids to deal with, that we were able to find a used radiator at a reasonable price, that it happened on a weekend when my handy husband was able to take care of it. I am certainly grateful for a husband that is willing to give up his day of rest to take care of his family.

I hope your weekend was great and that Monday is even better!


  1. Wendi,

    Doesn't it feel nice to work on some long-waiting projects?!

    I had a car mishap of my own recently--will probably share about that soon!

  2. I'm sure Chuck was able to save your family a good bit of cash by doing the work himself. I'm glad too, that it didn't happen at a worse time. God is so good!

    I love that flag. So cute! I bet my husband would like one on our shed.:-) Is it made from a picket fence? Did you make it? :-)

  3. The flag looks great!

    We've had our share of car problems in the past year, too! It's never fun, but it's a fact of life, I guess!

  4. Love the flag, looks wonderful. Have to smile at the ladybugs, we did know this. Now when ever my girls find one in the house they yell don't hurt it, it's good luck! :-) Doesn't it feel great to get things accomplished? We did some major organizing today which I posted and more to do tomorrow! Hopefully I'll sleep well. :-)
    Have a great week.

  5. LOVE the flag! you did a great job. It looks wonderful! You are very blessed to have a husband that can fix the car and yes, double blessed to have the car break down when you had the time to fix it. You are one smart woman for knowing when you are blessed. Many people go there entire lives and never see that.


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