Friday, July 30, 2010


I stepped out the back door the other day and saw this.

My neighbors maple is usually the first tree that I notice changing. It just doesn't seem possible that the leaves are changing already. I am ready for the humidity to go away but am not quite ready for fall. Has anyone else noticed leaves changing?

I guess anything is possible. This certainly hasn't been a normal summer. It has been super hot and humid plus the growing season has been weird. I haven't even had my first picking of green beans and have done no veggie canning.

Zucchini seems to be the only thing producing really well. My little helper begged for me to let her grate zucchini.

I finally let her try under close supervision and she did a fantastic job! Helping me in the kitchen is something that she loves. I have great plans for all of the photos of Megan in the kitchen. I am planning on making her a recipe scrapbook that I will present to her at her wedding shower. I hope that it will means as much to her as it will to me.

Making zucchini bread and visiting a friend to cuddle her new baby is on the agenda for today. Have a great weekend!


  1. SO, so cute!! My kids always love to help me in the kitchen...

    I noticed our trees seem to be farther ahead than they should be but are not changing yet...weird summer!

    Come say hi!!

  2. A recipe scrapbook--what a cool idea!

  3. Love zucchini! That's so great you have her helping out, I cook a lot with my girls! I've been working on a recipe scrapbook for them as well! I enjoy scrapbooking everything. :-) Have a great weekend!

  4. Without a doubt it will mean as much to her if not more to recieve her mom's recipes in a special book! Such a sweet thought!
    Summer has been a scorcher here too and very wierd weather patterns! I would love to have a small fall relief, but I think it might be wishful thinking on my part! Have a blessed weekend! Lisa

  5. i too, have noticed the trees already changing! i couldnt decided if fall was coming (yay, my favorite season!!)or if they were just dying from lack of rain. i think they are just changing though...i'm hoping fall is soon, its hot here!!

  6. Wendi,
    You truly must be the BEST mother in the world! I LOOOOVE the idea of a recipe scrapbook with all the sweet photos of Megan!!! What a fabulous idea!!!!

    Mrs. U

  7. On my travels home today, I drove across PA. I saw a particular type of tree (don't know which) that was changing colors. Hard to believe!

  8. I love love love the idea of the book of recipes for her wedding shower. I love to cook and cook with my girls as well. I may have to steal this idea. I love you blog you are an inspiration.


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