Monday, June 07, 2010

A Simple Day

After a couple of weeks of heat and humidity some thunderstorms blew through and took the humidity with it. Without all the nasty humidity it has been so pleasant. All of the window have been open. Which I love! I would much rather have the windows open then have the air conditioning on.

While I hung out laundry Chuck worked around the yard.

He did some weeding and then put the fence around the garden.

My green beans are coming up and I was staring to get worried the little bunnies were going to have a smorgasbord! Megan was right beside Daddy helping out.

She loves helping and Chuck took the time to let her tie off some of the fencing.

Of course after all of that hard work you need a drink!

I thought it was funny that the cup is almost bigger then she is!

We then headed in for a dinner of roast, glazed carrots and green beans with new potatoes. I love a day filled with simple things!


  1. Love that pic of her with the big cup. I used to love to drink out of my dad's cup when I was little!

  2. The best kind of day!!

  3. around the blogsphere, looks like this was the pace of most of our weekends. I love how so many are discovering that the simple things are often more enjoyable than an itinerary at a frenetic pace.

  4. Wendi,

    WOW I wish we'd get some thunderstorms. It's been super hot and dry here with temps well over 100.

    How do you keep your line laundry from being all hard and stiff? I've tried line drying but my family hates the way the clothes feel. I've tried laundry in with the clothes and nothing works! HELP!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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