Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Flower Tour

One of the things I love about summer is all of the flowers. Here is a little tour of some of my flowers.

A window box on a garage window.

Lilies are just starting to bloom.

I have four containers with petunias on my back porch.

Clematis climbing up an old screen door.

Impatiens tucked away in the front landscape.

Impatients are in the window boxes on the front of my home.

A huge hosta by my front door.

Hope your enjoyed a peek at my flowers!


  1. Beautiful flowers, Wendi!

    Also enjoyed your post about hunting for lt. bugs--we haven't seen any yet around here.

  2. Pretty flowers!

    I'm still around just taking an blog break!

  3. wow, they are gorgeous!! i'm still waiting for most of mine to bloom! i have some vincas that look real pretty so far :)

  4. They are gorgeous, Wendi!

  5. How do you get your clematis to be so prolific? Ours is the spindliest looking thing and it's over four years old. It blooms but I only get about 7-8 blooms. Too much shade? It's on the NW side of the house but doesn't get a gob of sun.



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