Friday, May 07, 2010

Full Days

I would like to introduce you to my niece Faith.

Faith is 8 months old and is joining my daytime crew two days a week. I know, some of you must think I have lost my mind! I always wanted a home full of kids and this is God's answer to that desire. Faith's daddy is finishing up his tour in Afghanistan and I am helping Mommy to finish college. She will only be here until the first of August. It is my pleasure to give my niece so love!

The weather has been great! That means lots of outside time.

While Grandpa was over he was teaching Megan the fine art of grass cutting. (of course, they weren't really cutting!)

The rain barrel filled up completely over the weekend. Megan was the first to test it out. I am so excited about this!

A wedding took place in the living room one afternoon. Conner was quick to tell me that it wasn't real! Kids are so cute.

Plenty of warm, sunshine while swinging. I know that we all have full days and I hope that you are taking the time enjoy a few special moments.


  1. Aren't you busy! Don't you just love this sunny, warm weather? I sure do! I love having my windows and screen door open. The breeze and the smells of spring! Love it!

  2. Pics are great....the kids look like they are really enjoying the sun! Not is SNOWING right now...I am bummed out! Come visit!

  3. Aww...hehehe It's all just tooo cute! :)

  4. The kids look like they are having a great time.

    How many kids do you watch? I also provide childcare and I love it. Children can be so much fun although they also can wear you out. :-)

  5. I was the same way..I started talking about a big family when I was 8 years old and said I wanted a boy first because I never had an older brother and I was going to name him Daniel John (which I did) well sometimes I think God must have heard an echo and he gave me 8 sons and then my daughter...she was the lucky one (even though she doesn't think so) and had 8 brothers. I look back on the days when they were growing up on a farm with farms all cell phones..only 2 channels on T V and no video games and no was a good life.

  6. What FUN!!!!

    I tried to find your email on your site. I probably completely overlooked it. Could I trouble you to email me sometime? It is theups1 at gmail dot com.

    Mrs. U

  7. Anonymous12:23 AM

    hi!~~leave you a message to say hello, and thanks for your share!.........................

  8. Cute pictures!

    I always wanted a big family too so I, too, never turn down a chance to watch a little one (especially a baby!). You are doing such a good thing.


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