Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A New Treasure

While at my father-in-law's Chuck spotted this scale in her dad's barn. He let it be know that it was something I would love and was told to take it. Yes!

It is a grocery store produce scale. I don't have a spot for it, but will hang on to it for my dream pantry.

Thanks for thinking of me Chuck!


  1. What a great find, have fun with it!


  2. Oooh - how neat! Great find!

  3. What a great scale, Wendi!

    I keep granola bars in the red container :)

  4. Wendi,

    Perhaps hang it over your sink, and add some fresh fruit to the bottom.

    Just an idea but I agree I would take it as well. I love these things and have such a love for vintage.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. That is such a treasure! I hate that you don't have an immediate place for it. A bathroom with towels in it? The dining room with linens in it? The porch with gardening tools? Anywhere? Just trying to think outside the box. It is so cool!!

  6. Very cool! Can't wait to see where it ends up!

  7. That will look good no matter where you put it...I would love it in my kitchen over a counter and then maybe put something in it just for looks if it wouldn't hurt it...That was one special gift :)

  8. I love that scale! Lucky girl. :)

  9. What a cool find!!!!!


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