Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Stuff

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. Our Saturday started out with one of my favorite things...

breakfast out! The rest of our Saturday was spent at my sister's house. They are remodeling their basement and we have been spending the bulk of our weekends over there. Drywall is up and I hope our time over there is will be less and less. Not that I mind helping, it is just hard to be away from home for so much of the weekend.

Yesterday evening I was in the office doing some things on the computer when I keep hearing Megan saying "Sticky hands. Sticky, sticky hands." Of course I had to go investigate.

I found Megan and Daddy making Rice Krispy Treats.

I always wonder how things can become so much of mess when you have barely been home. My kitchen is in need of major pick up and cleaning.

The forecast for later in the week is close to 80*. Yes! With that I figured it was time to switch out clothes. All of the hand me down summer clothes have been tried on and washed. They are waiting to be ironed and put away. Have I mentioned how much I love hand me downs! I guarantee that Megan wouldn't have an overflowing basket of summer clothes if we had to purchase all of those.

My week is looking to be very full. It is spring break which means I will have two extra children in my care for the afternoons. Top that off with a trip to the grocery store, a doctor appointment and hosting a Good Friday dinner and egg coloring. Whew! I am tired already.

I hope to post more then today, but if not you will know that I am just busy living a full, blessed life!


  1. You DO have a lot going on this week!

    My house is in need of some major cleaning as well. It's too nice outside to stay in and clean!

  2. Busy busy busy, just found your blog. I am now a follower! Come on over and visit mine...

    Have a great day


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