Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taking Time Out...

We are enjoying some wonderful warmer weather! Instead of worrying about the overflowing basket of laundry, the floors that need vacuumed or the film of dust in the bedroom we have been heading outside. Long walks, swinging, sliding and stopping to smell the flowers are top priorityfor the rest of the week.

With the busyness of life and Easter I hope you remember to slow down and smell the flowers!


  1. Same here, Wendi!

  2. Hi Wendi!

    I must say that your heart is indeed in the right place!



  3. Good for you! We have been heading outside a lot too. It is to rain or snow here on Friday...NO NO NO!! Happy Easter to you and your family. :)

  4. You definitely have your priorities straight. Days like this create memories. Dusting and vacuuming don't!

  5. Life is simply too short not to be enjoying something in each day. Love that you're able to get out and really enjoy the flowers.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Oh! Those are lovely! My daffodils came up stems this year. Lots of stems, but not a blossom in sight. Boo hoo.


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