Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentine Wreath

Megan and I made a wreath for her grandma Thanksgiving of 2008. Since that time it has been a request of my mother-in-law that we provide her with a homemade wreath for each season.

After seeing Valentine cards by Matthew Mead in Better Homes & Garden this idea was born.

This is what is needed to make this.

8 cupcake papers
thin cardboard circle
items to glue inside the holders

I choose a few pictures for Megan to pick from and then decided to add hearts to the other cups. I cut the hearts out of scrapbook paper and wrote on the hearts to have the appearance of conversation hearts. Some of the things writen; I love Grandma, I love Grandpa, Hugs are Great!, verses from 1 Corinthians 13:4-6 and then Megan wrote her M on one.

Megan then choose what she wanted to glue into each cup and I helped her to glue the cups onto the cardboard. A ribbon hanger was added and it was complete.

I know Grandma will be thrilled and I think it turned out so cute that I might have Megan make one for home.


  1. that is so cute!! I think I'm going to have my AWANA kids do one!!

  2. what an adorable Valentine's craft. I think I am going to do this with my littles

  3. I love this idea. Simple enough for little hands and uses supplies I already have on hand. I am going to make one with my daughter and hope to do this with my kids' club at church.
    So have you made wreaths for other holidays for your MIL? I would love to see those, too. You have great ideas!

  4. Can you tell me the diameter (inside or outside) of the circle? thank you!

  5. Angie,

    The outside diameter is 8 inches and the inside is 7 inches. The cardboard circle that the cups where glued to is only 1/2 in wide.


  6. What a sweet idea! :)


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