Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Megan's Moon

Last night after dinner we went out to do a few things in the yard. With the change in time we didn't have much time. By the time we headed in around 6:15 it was dark and the moon was out. I thought that the moon looked beautiful.

I liked how you could see the tree branches and the clouds. Megan is fascinated with the moon. She loves stories about the moon and will ask us to take her out in the evening to see the moon and stars. That is my girl... loving the simple things in life!

I finished my monthly menu. I am really excited! Not only did I plan my menu but also a night each week with a family fun activity. I had gotten out of the habit of doing this and am happy to get back to it. Megan is older now and I know that she is going to enjoy these nights. At this point it is a simple activity. As we start implementing this I will share what we are doing.

I don't know it I had mentioned it here but we are doing Financial Peace University. We did our first complete budget for November. We had always sat down and paid bills but never did the budget to the exact penny. It was much harder then I thought it would be! I am anxious to see how we do. It will certainly make us more accountable and less likely to run through the drive thru while out running errands.

I am finding it hard to believe that it is November already. It feels like yesterday we were planting the garden and pulling our outside things out. Now we are putting it all away. I have always heard it said that times flies when you are having fun, and fun it has been! Not many dull moments around here.

I have been looking for some fun kid crafts to do for Thanksgiving. I don't like that it feels like we jump from Halloween to Christmas. I want Megan to remember this month as the month that we remembered to be thankful and to be giving.

Another glorious day is waiting for me. Time to go start my day. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. What a beautiful moon, indeed! I like that you are slowing down to enjoy Thanksgiving.

  2. We love Dave Ramsey!

    You know, I was at the mall yesterday and they were playing Christmas music! I was utterly annoyed by this. C-mas is still almost two months away! They also had the big tree up with the train around it. HUH????!!!!

  3. We have always tried to go by Dave Ramsey's advice, but lately we've gotten very lazy about a strict budget. We are debt free except for our house but we really need to start budgeting again!

    Megan's moon is beautiful!

  4. We have read the book Americas Cheapest Family and have started using some of the tips they list in that book. It has really helped and totally inspired you with plannng meals and even doing freezer meals. It is a great book to check out form the library

  5. Wendi,

    Have you tried cutting out Megan's handprints in different colored construction paper and gluing it to a paper plate to make a Thanksgiving wreath. She could write on the colored hand prints the special things she is thankful for this year.

    Love the Harvest moon picture!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Your moon picture is gorgeous! Our little guy is fascinated with the moon, too.
    Along the lines of the wreath mentioned before, we have done the same thing with a tree...cut out a trunk with bare branches from brown craft paper, then add leaves of different colors each day with things written on them that we are thankful for. We have also made a poster with the alphabet on it and listed things we are thankful for that start with each letter. For a fun (and yummy!) craft, you could make the turkeys with the fudge stripe cookies, caramels and candy corn.


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