Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy Day

Chuck had a dentist appointment yesterday and decided to take the whole day off. Megan was very excited when she found out that Daddy would be home for another day. It was a very busy day. It just flew by and when I finally slowed down around 8 o'clock I could not believe that Monday was almost gone!

I was on the move all day and although I didn't get everything accomplished it was a good day. The day started out with some cinnamon strudel muffins. Chuck walked into the kitchen and said "ooh muffins" so I think that was a good way to start the day.

I put up some more pickles and picked green beans. Summer is back and I was a little warm by the time I finished. This hot, humid stuff isn't my favorite. I was really spoiled by the mild July weather. There was lots of laundry done, some cleaning and I worked on a craft project.

We ended the night with an ice cream treat and

some quality television of the Andy Griffith Show. (picture courtesy of Miss Megan)

Then it was off to bed. After a restful night of sleep I am ready to start another glorious day!


  1. Sounds like a day at our house! We eat LOTS of ice cream and you can bet on Andy being on our TV everyday here in Mayberry!

  2. The muffins look simply delicious, what kind were they?

    I am still looking for a Mayberry kind of town to settle into.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. What a productive day! Isn't Andy Griffith great? When I stay at my grandparents house we STILL watch that every night. :)


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