Thursday, May 28, 2009


From the title you might think that this post will be about the stuff that we have been doing. No, it is about all of the stuff that has been accumulating. I can't believe that I am showing these pictures to the world... but here you go!

The garage.

Our third bedroom, which is seems to always be the catch all room.

I could justify these pictures by saying that some of the stuff is from the kitchen and once the kitchen is complete the stuff will be gone. Or that it is all boxes of outgrown clothes. Not really true. Some of the things will be moved back to the kitchen, but not enough. Sigh.

Honestly we are just drowning in stuff. I am on a mission to finish projects, sort, purge and get rid of stuff. The plan is to have a large garage sale and what doesn't sell will go to charity.

Please tell me I am not the only one with this problem. I find that the more stuff that I have the more cluttered my mind and heart feel. It certainly doesn't make me feel like I am living the simple life that I so desire.

I will keep you posted as I take care of "stuff. "


  1. You are certainly not alone. I've been on a quest to reduce our stuff as well. You said it so perfectly - when there is clutter around us, it affects our hearts and minds as well. I am excited to see how you transform those spaces with God's help and the peace it brings to your heart and home!

  2. Well I'd feel much better about all our *stuff* if I could say it looked much less, but noway-- you are most definitely NOT alone in being covered up in stuff!
    I could try to rationalize that we are a family of 11, living in a 1400 sq ft mobile home and there just isn't room...but while that is true to a point, it doesn't begin to excuse the mess we have here :o(
    I am a pack rat. I am a Class A, card-carrying pack rat.
    I have stored this and that without thought or reason and boy, does it show. We are certainly stressed more with the stuff and clutter about, and sad part is I know that and it's all still here.
    I need to take up the STUFF Challenge with you. My husband comes home from a long job out of town in 3 weeks--I wonder if I can make a serious dent in starting a new lifestyle by then?


  3. If you saw my spare room you'd feel much better about your "stuff." It just happens. No matter how hard I try to keep the clutter under control it just seems to grow. Then it becomes so overwhelming I can't think so I clean it up and it starts all over again. Can't wait to see pictures of your progress.

  4. I wish you could see my garage! I feel smothered every time I go in there!

    We don't have a spare room, so EVERYTHING is stacked in the garage. We've made some progress, but not nearly enough.

    So no, you aren't alone and I know how clutter makes you feel! Maybe we should do a "clear out the clutter" challenge w/before and after pics to get us all motivated!


  5. You would feel so much better if you could see our garage, barn, attic, basement. It is ridiculous!

  6. Oh, you are not alone. You are just braver than most by posting your pictures. :) I am right there with you. It is a constant struggle and I am amazed that our little family of 3 has so much 'stuff'. I am actually working on getting rid of some stuff today and taking it to Goodwill in a little while.

  7. I posted pictures on my blog this week of our garage before I cleaned it out for a sale. It was scary. I can feel very overwhelmed by clutter, but I seem to accumulate it anyway. I've asked the Lord to help ease my attachment to these earthly things. I seem to let sentiment dictate whether something should stay or go, instead of practicality or common sense. I feel your crowded pain! :)


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