Friday, April 24, 2009

Restoring Order: Under Sinks & Computer Cabinet

I love the idea of restoring order to my home! This week I have been motivated and tackled three areas. The first area I worked on is under the kitchen sink.

Everything had been removed when we had the issue with a broken pipe. Since we knew we were going to be doing some updates to the kitchen this area was neglected for a while. Chuck glued some of my leftover counter top to the bottom of the cabinet and the stuff was never put back in order.

I tackled this area one afternoon while Megan was napping.

The next area was the cabinet under the bathroom sink.

Megan had fun playing with all of the lotions and potions while I was sorting things. I was able to put somethings in the charity box.

I was so motivated that not only did I clean under the sink, but I went through all the drawers and wiped the outside of the vanity down!

The last area for this week was the computer cabinet.

I removed everything and dusted. Then I tackled the filing that was scattered all over the desk. Ugh!

I always proclaim that I will never let the filing pile up after I clean this area. Will I never learn?!

I am loving this! Thank your Monica and Rebecca for the motivation I needed!


  1. I love organizing too :) Have you ever read "The House that Cleans Itself"? It's a great organization book and has helped our family of 6 sooo much!

    Thanks for the motivating post. Your pics look great!

  2. wow... you did an awesome job with everything!
    one of the next things on my list is cabinets under sinks... for some reason they are always hard for me to keep clean and organized.
    thanks for sharing...

  3. I hope that I can thank you sometime soon for motivating me to get a few spots organized.

    Have a Wonderful Weekend
    from The Raggedy Girl--Roberta Anne

  4. Good job. Everything looks so well organized!

  5. Wow! You've been busy! Nice job! :)

  6. i have that same computer cabinet. it is such a pain to keep organized when it is so much easier to just shut the doors!


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