Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Homekeeping Schedule

I have become very relaxed with keeping on a cleaning schedule. I have gotten in a bad habit of putting things off and then I end up spending an entire day doing everything. I am going to start off slow. First I will get in the habit of doing a certain room or set of rooms each day. Here is what my schedule will look like.

Monday: Laundry (clothes), Clean Kitchen

Tuesday: Dust Living Room & Vacuum

Wednesday: Laundry (towels, sheets), Clean Bathroom

Thursday: Dust Bedrooms & Vacuum

Friday: Laundry (clothes), General straighten for weekend

After I have keep this schedule for a month and see how it is working I will then tweak it. I want to get to the point where I have a detailed list of things to be done weekly and things that I want to do monthly.

I would love to hear how detailed you are with your schedule. Do you have certain days for each chore and if so are you keeping a check list?


  1. I don't keep a schedule or list. Right now just doing things as they need to be done is okay for me. I do laundry every day, make the bed, and do dishes every day. Everything else gets done as needed.

  2. Hi Wendi -

    I do have a cleaning schedule:

    Monday: clean kitchen; water plants
    Tuesday: laundry; iron; clean master bath and vacuum
    Wednesday: sweep and mop floor
    Thursday: dust, clean entry window, clean hall bath
    Friday: vacuum, laundry

    If I miss one, I try to make it up another day if it needs it - if things are going fine without that being done - I skip it! :)

    Hope your schedule brings order and peace to your home!

  3. I use to have a set schedule. About the only that happens regularly here is I do a least one load of laundry a day except on Sunday's. When I used the schedule it worked out better I spent less time cleaning up and the house was neater. But I have just gotten lazy, I really need to get back to it so I don't feel so overwhelmed by the mess.

  4. Right now I am spring cleaning room by room. That is working so well for me, then I don't get so overwhelmed. After that is over with then I would like to have a schedule for vacuuming, dusting, and bathrooms. I do laundry on M/W/F and that works great for me.

    I hope your new schedule works out for you. I know it's hard with kids and life.

  5. Yes, I do have a schedule for every day, as well as seasonal so I get the fireplace cleaned or the lawn funiture out and cleaned on time. I have been doing that for over 36 years. It does change when we move and the house is either bigger or smaller. It keeps me on target and I don't feel rushed or unprepared for winter.

  6. I take care of two great grand babies during the week so I tend to work all day on Saturday with deep cleaning and only do the necessary on weekdays. I tidy the house, make the bed, do the laundry, meals and clean-up, grocery shopping and then during nap time I do one project each day...like today I am taking all my snowmen out of a prime storage shelf and packing them away in a storage box and putting them out in the storage room. Since they are a once a year thing they should take up valuable space. Yesterday I took care of household bill and paper filing. This works for me but I would do it entirely different if I didn't have a two year old running around. One thing I have found is putting everything away several times a day and cleaning up whenever I am in the kitchen or a bath goes a long way to keeping the home looking good. But having just moved all the furniture out of the bedroom I can see there are major gaps in the deep cleaning kind of stuff around here and I will have to figure out how to fix that. Well this was way more information than you needed.

    Have a Terrific Tuesday
    I love coming to visit you
    Roberta Anne a.k.a. The Raggedy Girl

  7. I don't have a schedule - I just do things as needed. It helps that my kids are big enough to pitch in. They have their own chores and that helps a lot! Leah Kate does windows/mirrors, vacuums and dusts. Zach takes care of the trash and washes, dries, folds and puts away the towels. I do the bathrooms, sweep/mop floors and take care of the kitchen and the rest of the laundry. It works well for us!


  8. I like your plan! I have become lax, but I would definitely get more accomplished with a bite sized schedule to keep me going. I do usually just try to write down 2 or 3 thing things I want to accomplish the next day and use that as a basic plan.

    Right now I'm in spring cleaning mode.


  9. I have a schedule although I have been really bad about keeping it lately. And, of course, it shows.
    This is what I was doing:

    M-change sheets, wash sheets & towels, general pick up from the weekend.

    T-Clean kitchen & bathrooms (I keep the kitchen pretty clean since I really clean as I go and it's the one room we use all day, everyday so it stays fairly clean)

    W-Vacuum, dust, laundry

    T-Mop (most of our house is tile),laundry

    F- wipe down window sills, blinds, finish any laundry.

    I do very little on the weekends. I do need to get back to this schedule - and soon!

  10. Great list. It's hard for me to keep a schedule cause it seems like every week is so different. I need to do better and get back on track. Thansk for the reminder!

  11. I have a wash schedule for the week and a cleaning one as well. My cleaning one is based on FlyLady zones.


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