Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Garden Thyme!

This weekend we spent some time getting the garden ready. I decided I wanted to go a little bigger this year and ended up with an approximate 25x25 space.

Megan loved playing in the dirt and thought it was her personal playground.

Here is what is planted:

5 Big Boy Tomato Plants
1 Cherry Tomato
5 Cabbage Plants
4 Green Pepper Plants
2 varieties of Cucumber
2 Zucchini
6 Broccoli
Green Beans

The garden was finished off with a chicken wire fence. To keep out rabbits and small children!

I am looking forward to all the wonderful things to come from my garden.


  1. I have tomatoes and cantalopes growing in my laundry room. My husband started them in little planters and has yet to put them in the ground.

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Cute! I want a garden, but we don't really have a place for one... We live in a subdivision on 1\4 of an acre!

  3. Your garden looks great. Looks like you have a very large yard.

    It will be fun tending the garden, with Megan!

  4. Great looking garden spot!


  5. Great looking garden!! My veggies are still in pots and go out every morning and in every night because it is still cold here at night. Can't wait to get them outside like yours. Have fun!

  6. I have always wanted to plant a garden. We have no yard for planting. :( You and Megan will have so much fun caring for and harvesting the plants. I hope you'll continue to show photos and even some recipes for the benefit of those of us with black thumbs and no plot of dirt!

    Happy growing!

    Oh, and how cute that "dirt" is the universal toy of choice for boys and girls!


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