Thursday, April 16, 2009


I don't know about the rest of you but sometimes I just get in a funk. Nothing bad has happened I just don't feel like my normal, perky self. I have felt that way for the past two days. Maybe it has something to do with the weather. It has been cool and a little bit gray. I am a sunshine kind of gal!

Nothing exciting has been going on around here. No crafting, baking or new recipes. I have been doing laundry and some cleaning. You know the same ole same ole. Regardless of how I feel life moves on. The forecast is for 70* and sunshine on Friday. I hope that will snap me out of this.

Wishing you a great day full of sunshine!


  1. I feel the same...too much gray...leads me to feel "gray", too!
    It has to change soon, right??
    Hang in there...
    it will be hot and humid before you know it, with a weekend blizzard, because, after all, we live in INDIANA--the land of 4 seasons, that constantly "intersect" with one another!

  2. I've been that way the last couple of days. It's been cool and cloudy here too.

    Just know you're not alone! We all have those BLAH days. Let's just blame it on hormones!


  3. I call it melancholy, so it sounds very romantic. I think most women have off days when nothing is wrong but there is just a sadness. It might be our bodies quieting us down from the busyness of life. I don't let it bother me anymore and just go with it. Great time for journaling.

    From Roberta Anne- The Raggedy Girl

  4. I've been the same way. Yes, looking forward to sunshine and warmth tomarrow.

  5. You are not alone in the gray feeling department. It's OK. What is that song "The sun will come out Tomorrow..."
    How is the new kitchen coming along? Would love to see an update. With god's blessing,I hope to work on our kitchen in the fall and would love to "Steal" an idea or two.

  6. Sending some sunshine your way today, Wendi! :)

  7. I know what you mean Wendi. With a sick one here at home and not able to get out at all..the days are all running together and I'm the same way.


  8. Thanks for your sweet comment, Wendi.

    Hope it's warmer there now--I'm the same way--definitely a sunshine person!


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