Wednesday, April 08, 2009

2 Year Gotcha Celebration

On Saturday we attended a party to celebrate the adoption of some very special little girls. Our wonderful friends Wendy and Paul once again hosted this wonderful event. Wendy went above and beyond and we all had a great time.

There was a Easter egg hunt that was crazy! There were 13 kids and plenty of eggs.

Megan had so much fun and look how full her bucket is. All the kids left with a bucket stuffed with eggs.

Megan loved this sand table. She played there for a long time. I think we know what a little girl needs for the summer. She is playing with her foster sister, Katie. We are very fortunate that Katie was in our adoption group and her family lives very close to us. It is awesome that they get to grow up together.

Every year we take pictures of all of the girls present.

China Red Couch 2007 (Megan is 2nd from the left on couch)

1st Gotcha Party 2007 (Megan is second from the left on couch)

2nd Gotcha Party 2008 (Megan is 2nd from left on couch)

It is amazing to see these little ladies grow and thrive!


  1. How precious to see these little ones growing up together. :)

  2. How sweet is this.

    Have A Wonderful Wednesday
    from Roberta Anne

  3. Anonymous10:11 AM

    So precious!

  4. They are all little darlings

  5. 2 years goes by SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fast, doesn't it!!! Goodness, I remember following y'all's journey right after we got home with Elizabeth. What a JOYOUS ride the Lord has taken us on, huh? I LOVE being Elizabeth's mommy and I am 100% confident that you feel the same way about Megan!! :)

    Mrs. U


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