Monday, November 03, 2008

Weekend Stuff

The weather this weekend was fantastic! It was 70 and sunny all weekend. It allowed us to have a busy, yet fulfilling weekend.

On Friday night Megan went out for treats with her cousins. She dressed up as a cheerleader.

We always go over to my parents neighborhood. We have dinner and then take the kids out. It is fun to be back in a familiar spot. My sister and I were talking about how many times we had walked those streets as kids.

Saturday morning it was grocery time.

My little helper was scanning the ads for the best deals. WalMart is already playing Christmas music! I guess that I shouldn't be surprised, but what happened Thanksgiving. I remember going to the grocery store as a kid and seeing the turkey decorations go up after Halloween.

Every minute that we were home this weekend was spent outside. All of the flower beds, window boxes and the garden have been cleaned out. The back porch furniture was been put away for the winter and when this warm spell ends we will put all of the outside toys away. There are a few other small things left to do, but since the next couple of days are suppose to be nice we should be able to complete them in the evening.

As sad as I am to see the season end it is satisfying to know that things outside are secure for winter. With the time change it is a reminder that winter will be here soon. It was dark by 6:15 tonight. In our area of Indiana were I live this is only the second year for changing time.

Since I spent so much time outside I have some housework to catch up on. Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like a nice productive weekend. We did lots of yardwork feels so good to get some stuff accomplished.

  2. I was wondering what happened to Thanksgiving too. We were at Toys-r-us on Saturday morning and it was busy and the checkout lines were extremely slow(which really didn't appear to have anything to do with the amount of customers but rather an internal training problem!) The guy ahead of me in line started complaining about how slow it was and basically was told to be quiet since this was Christmas time. I thought, "Hello! It's only November 1st!"

    I need to get our yardwork finished up as well although here, it stays warmer for most of the winter.

  3. What a cute cheerleader! We had nice warm weather this weekend, too--loved being outside after a cold spell!

  4. We don't love the time change either... it throws everyone off! What a cute cheerleader! She looks like an IU fan!
    It was SO strange to be rummaging through the 50% off Halloween stuff while "We wish you a Merry Christmas" was humming in the background...
    Strange times... strange times!

  5. Awww! Megan makes an ADORABLE Cheerleader!!! :)


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